No regrets after relapse

I am trying to complete 8 days but still not succeed at this i completed 4 days but obe thing i noticed m not feeling any regret after relapse and lost motivation. Can anyone tell what should i do?


What are you profiting from by watching porn?
Check out this link :point_right: Chapter 10 Advantages of Being a Porn User | EasyPeasy
It lists the advantages of being a porn user.

What are your losses after watching porn?
Answer this first.


R.i.p to those who thought there is actually A list of advantages :skull_and_crossbones: :rofl:


I get the regret thing, it’s totally okay if you don’t, you can even push all of that into motivation, and thats productive. But as you lost the motivation, it may mean that you are not serious about quitting PMO. You have to ask yourself why? May be you are still enjoying PMO and you haven’t realized the negative effects of masturbation in your life? Or may be you gave up trying… May be felt like its something that you can never get rid of…if thats the case, its just your mindset, you have to work on changing it. If you are not serious about quitting, then its hard to break the habit. So its something thats totally in your hands, to be motivated or not…

We look online and we see everywhere that fapping is healthy. Everyone infact says that, it de-stresses us. While all of it is true, in a way but no one tells us the bad side of it. The dopamine dependency, the addiction, brain fog, loosing sensitivity there, problems in sex life and so on… Everyone says, may be we keep it in control, but addiction is something that happens without us realizing it. Some may go on in their life without having any problems, but for some the problems come… So why risk it? not doing it is far better than doing it, it teaches us self control…


Thanks alot I am going to start my chelleng again nd I’ll complete this tine


It’s actually funny how it was setup.
At first I thought it was an error, so I tried to find an alternative website and found the same “error”. I both downloaded the pdf format and epub format. It was until then I understood that it is supposed to be empty to prove that porn benefits nothing.