No PMO modes? (this part is for matching the minimum characters only)

Since I’m here in the app, I’ve been reading about some modes… Hard, easy, natural? Can anyone describe them for me ?
Are there another modes besides those mentioned above?

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I’m not so sure about that anymore :smile:
The typical “modes” are hard and easy mode and they are just defined by what is “allowed”
hard mode: no ■■■■, masturbation, orgasm or edging.
easy mode: no ■■■■ but masturbation is allowed.

When I started I didn’t identify myself with either of them so I wanted to have something which represents a natural way of living and called it natural mode: no ■■■■, masturbation, edging but sex (with someone you love) and orgasm during sex is allowed

But at the moment I’m not sure if it makes sense to try to categorize yourself in a mode. If there is one which perfectly fits your need and wishes then it is fine. But if you can’t identify yourself with hard or easy mode than just do what you think is right. define your own rules depending on what your problem and goal is.


My interest in this came from thinking that not orgasm at all may actually also be an unhealthy condition… Orgasm are part of the human physiology…

The thing is… When an orgasm is considered a relapse? If you haven seen ■■■■ and masturbates say in 1 or 2 months… And then you feel like you can use a big one orgasm just for fun…is it bad? Is it only bad If you feel bad about if after the orgasm?

I think that fits in the description of a ‘natural’ mode… :mouse2:

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That’s exactly what I wanted to discuss or show with the guide I wrote.
In my opinion orgasms aren’t bad per se and aren’t the problem why we are here.
It is how we have em.

It is only bad if you crave the whole day after it and if it is the only thing you wanna have.
That’s why I do have sex with my girlfriend but I would like to change HOW i have sex.
(I guess it is the same with masturbation. If you think once every month or so that today it would be nice to do it the same way you think “today it would be nice to go to the cinema and watch a great move” than I don’t see anything bad in it. I guess everyone who is that far has learned to differentiate between “i need to masturbate” and “i would like to masturbate”


I have heard so far these modes :
1.easy mode : just not watch porn all things are allowed
2. Normal mode : no porn no masturbation ,sex is allowed
3. Hard mode : no sex no p no m
4. Monk mode : no socil media no tv no smartphone no sex no p no m
5. God mode : I dont have information about it but it is like staying in a jungle.


So many modes! Thanks

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I think the same!

There IS a difference between ‘I need to masturbate’ and ‘I would like to masturbate’

I’ve been masturbating almost every day since I’ve discovered the good (but volatile) sensations of orgasm… Pretty much since I was 12yo. Nowadays the good sensations produced by my orgasms are probably just 30% as intense as they were when I was a teen… So that lead me to masturbates several times a days to achieve pleasure. This is clearly a brain adaptation as a result of an addiction.

So what I’m trying to achieve with my challenge is to readapt my brain so I can enjoy pleasure in a more natural way without harm myself or damaging my brain circuitry :cat:

My first 12 days streak was really hard… And eventually relapsed a few hours later after hitting the 12 days mark. I felt disappointed of myself for being so weak.

Now I’m in day 4 again… And I’m pointing for 1month streak… But I really don’t wanna quit orgasms for life. I’m aware that this could change in time… So let’s see what happens and how I feel when I hut my goal.

Hugs to everyone, you guys have so much experience in this.


Well said. That’s exactly what I think we should try to achieve: to take those sensations for what they are without becoming addicted. Of course, that’s quite difficult in the beginning, but don’t try to beat yourself up too much if you relapse. You are on the best way, and nobody (almost, at least) can just stop and go through all the hardships that come with recovery.
I like to see it like that: the time between the relapses count. The longer those intervals get, the closer I get to a natural and healthy lifestyle. And, of course, even if masturbating once a week is okay, you won’t feel healthy in the beginning, since you have all those days with excessive behaviour to count as well. But the longer you stay on track, the better it will get, and the easier it will be to “relapse” once in a while. You will grow out of relapeses :slight_smile:


That is also true…
Its not easy to overcome an addiction… Plus dopamine addictions are even harder to beat… So I think is normal to have early relapses while you are breaking your way out of the vice. But, as you said, as longer you can keep on the streak the more easy should be avoid unnecessary orgasms.

At the end, you shouldn’t expect to achieve a life free of orgasms, but you should expect a healthy brain free of any bad habits, like compulsive need for dopamine from sexual pleasure.



That 5th mode god mode made me lol. Monk mode & god mode are same different names of each other.really well organized info.

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Hahahaaha its all bullshit.
We only need to take care that we are out of this habit and live a normal life again without indulging in pleasure too much.

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Agree with you @anon66785751