No p challenge 🧘‍♂️(ENTRIES CLOSED)

A challenge only for Porn not for Masturbation and Orgasm.
If you feel addicted to Porn or feel like returning to porn this challenge is for you…
As simple as name suggests. Just don’t watch P. Do anything in your day but not P.


1. Any form of video that aroused you. If you watch then its a loss.

2. No pics, stories allowed. Be clean

Pointing system:

you don’t watch p 1 day then +1 point added. And then you don’t watch 2nd day it’s +2 then +3 then +4 and so on but the day you watch the videos (let’s say day 5) then -5 ; if you fail the challenge on day 1 again you -1 from total score ; the system starts again +1+2…

Tag @ERNOL if you don’t understand it.

you have to check in atleast once a week and update your score for the week on scoreboard yourself. if you don’t you will be pinged to update once a week. if you don’t respond you will be eliminated.
please join if you want to stay around till the end of this month.

Inspired by @SincereDev
and @Pingpong1

LATEST SCORE BOARD (starting 7th aug):medal_military:

starting date Names points
7-08-22 pingpong1 6+4=10
7-08-22 mahakaal_bhakt999 0+0=0
7-08-22 Surbatingsi 0+3=3
7-08-22 Sholt_Peterson 3-3=0
7-08-22 ERNOL 1+2-3+1+2=3
7-08-22 sundhar 0+0=0
7-08-22 SP6410880(Shubham) 1+2+3=6
7-08-22 arisefromtheashes 1+2-3+1-2=-1
7-08-22 nofapforeveralif(alifnofap) 0+0=0
7-08-22 Predator1818 0+0=0

I am in

Name : karthik

Code : 9axd8u


How to join??

just give me your sharing code and starting date, You are good to go


Bro thanks for participating but I want second post to be mine (for scoreboard reasons), can you write this post again after deleting

Hey hey hey i am in
shairing code 8oxc9k

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Bro is your name shroudd .

Name: Victor2
Sharing code: olnbmu
Starting date : 22 may

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Please add me

Lets push ourselves and be the person we want to be…

Discomfort zone MODE ON

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Get ready guys
No porn from tomorrow… from tomorrow to infinity
@Dhananjaya1234 @Victor2 @TAVNARP @karthik_5113


Me too.
@pingpong1 bro

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I want to join too…
I gonna start fron tomorrow
Sharing Code: vwyesc

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Please add me tooo bruhhh,
Sharing code : 6bitry

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All the best guys …a new era has just begin

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Name: Mystery69
Sharing code: 81npeg
Joining Date: 23/5/22

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So at night when i was sleeping i had a night fall and its a tereble one its like i saw a dream in which i am showing others how to do that it really felt like relapse but in last 23 days i didn’t watch any inch of porn or dirty things also i am cut off from Instagram

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Nightfall is normal process bro. Your mind is craving for old videos… the fake enjoyment etc but more you abstain more addiction free you become

Start of challenge announced

From12:00 23 may challenge has started. No going back
@TAVNARP @mystery69 @BlackMagic123 @Dhananjaya1234 @Jiruyu @YourBruhhhhhh @karthik_5113 @Victor2


Finally i added my name here huh

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Oh. I was thinking , I am missing something here.z​:sweat_smile::joy:

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I wanna join. Been struggling lately