No-music is the right next step


Hello everyone ,
Like all of you , nofap started changing my view on a lot of things , and I’m only on the 12th day , now i’m beginning to think about embracing the no-music experience , as it is proven , music is also behind the overload of dopamine release , im on the fifth day of this experience ,and my mind is ticking differently! More sharpness, much more focused & relaxed , anyone else can relate to this ?


I’m on day 4 and ive been clean this time and boyi can’t tell you how open I’m to talking to people and socialize. I have a lot of control over my decisions and the way i talk to poeple it’s looking good brother. This time relapsing is not an option I’m in control now BRAIN you have headaches and urges all you want, but IT’S time for a Change.

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I feel the same if I am doing something else. I would never listen to music while traveling or doing something where I have to focus.
I feel like it is disturbing your concentration and my brain has to switch between lyrics of the song and my work all the time.

But I love to listen to music in general. It is something really relaxing. So, I started choosing when to listen to music and when not.
I don’t think that music in general is bad. It is probably more the multitasking of music with something else

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It’s all about dopamine control in the end :wink:


Yes, I can relate to this. However, I do think that on a relative scale, music is a much more harmless source of a sense of well being; and if it calms you down enough to enable you to break your reliance on relatively more negative coping mechanisms (such as obsessive overthinking and certainly porn), then it’s a good thing.

In general however I do agree with thinking in terms of next steps, after the reliance on straight up porn is broken. For instance, in my case it would include spending time on news videos and even scientific books and videos. I have been a science buff all my life and love watching well researched videos on physics, anthropology etc. However, at this point in my life, it does not make sense to watch them mindlessly just to aimlessly kill time and cram knowledge, especially if I am not going to do anything creative/productive with that knowledge.

The point being that activities which are positive coping mechanisms in one circumstance can (and should) become your new challenges once you have gone over previous hurdles.


Just avoid mundane materialistic and bad sounds.

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I can relate to it, so I’ve stopped listening to music around May 2018, due to personal reasons and I’ve started nofap around July(current streak day 139), since then I’ve gave up on every social media. Well I can see an immense increase of focus and concentration on the specific job I’m on. And I was more socialized, genuine and and a whole lot of healthy stuff was going on and I feel the same now also. Music do releases huge dopamine level, sometimes I was so high over music that I had made lot of mistakes in work, due insufficient focus on it. So currently I’m planning to turn on complete monk mode, until I achieve my goals, well that includes, abandon of every social media, music and girls. But I’ve been trying to shift my dopamine level over productive things like reading and Working out and learning new skills,and kinda working. But I must say I was kinda fucked and stress out too, as there was no dopamine release, but I started out to get it though productive ways. And I’m good now.
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When we get to be Normal?

Thats really helpful & motivational at the same time , i think people should reconsider a lot of daily habits besides nofap in order to become more self aware and focused on what is good for them

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Like erotic music…

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… (20 char)

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Update : so after I guess around 8 months of abstaining music, I had to come back at it at the worst case scenario. Yes it was the worst case scenario. So a couple of days ago i don’t know I heard about ADHD and I thought I might be having it due to the symptoms were exactly the same. I panicked, freaked out, I just completely lost. Urges started to hit, even the slightest triggers we’re so hard to deal with even though I was in day 177 every second was turning into a fucking hell, I really needed s dopamine rush. For the whole night and the entire day I tried everything to escape the reality and that particular moment of depression without fapping ;movies, YouTube, talking to friends, family even interacting with my companion , nothing worked. The thoughts to hiring a stripper or a prostitute starts striking my head. There was only one choice left. And then I had to break it, and get back to music. OMG within 15 minutes into it, I was normal. And I listened to almost 4 hours of non stop music then. Urges were gone and triggers were easy to deal with as usual.

But during this 8 months period of no fap and no music. I was more happy, more productive, more focused, had care for the loved once, priorities were on top and most importantly I was getting things done without an error at work.

So a couple of things I understood from the incident I had is it’s all about dopamine control. And the control of you over you mind and body. And doing it a limited. (Back when I was jamming music for 6-10 hours a day).

To be honest back when I was doing meditation it was really peaceful. Just need get things organized agsin and start over a healthy lifestyle.

Day : 180
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I will try no-music-for-a-week challenge. Good idea. I’m super addicted to my music.

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