No morning boners !😨

I am 20 days in and Recently I have stopped getting morning wood for past 5 days, rarely happened before. I am worried as morning wood is a sign of healthy hormones functioning. Need your advice on this

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It comes and goes before coming back permanently.


20 days? Morning woods for 5 days?
Rejoice dude!!!
You manage to claim back your energy finally. You just need to be aware of it and take breaths. And don’t forget to keep going and lengthen your streak.

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Yeah I have similar experience. I’m at day 30. I guess my hormones need some time to get back to normal. Also I read that when you do nofap you go from having a lot of sexuality in your life to having none. So your subconscious just switches and its not so much sex occupied. It may be healthy to have some more sexuality in my life later but my brain is still very PMO wired and it can easily trigger me so I abstain from it for now.

I would be happy but my erections are not as hard, I want that testosterone surge

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Yeah. Me too. I’ve never got to experience a real hard boner because I keep relapsing even before 2 week streak.