No Gaming (Pubg, fortnite etc.) addiction challenge

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Recently i have used this app and i went to 22 days streak. This app and people here are very helpful. I relapsed then but i will stand up again.
This time i want to do No PMO and No gaming.

This group is for them who want leave addictive online gaming habit. Games like PUBG, FORTNITE and many more. I myself have pubg habit, i got neck problem and recovering from it. It has wasted my huge amount of time. So guys who wants to quit gaming and Pmo , please leave your details in below format. You need to update your status daily and your streak will rise.

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NO-GAMING streak - 22 days *
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Ok some will say why stop gaming.?

  1. It is the most highly non poductive thing you can ever waste your time on.
  2. Now a days games are very addictive, you can’t simply play for few minutes and leave. It will make you habituated and make you come back for more again and again.
  3. It has serious health problems if done for a long time. You can check youtube, Google etc.
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Update scoreboard with your daily streak.

  1. Mystery 2017 l Sharing code - c9ab6c *
    No fap streak - 2 days *
    No gaming streak - 1 days *
    Age - 28
    Gender - M
    Location - NP

  2. Doombaby | 1bsqha
    No fap streak - 25 days *
    No gaming streak - 116 days *
    Age - 27
    Gender - M
    Location - Australia

Added myself, glad I’m not the only one here who’s giving up the games, I’ve jumped around various mmo games for the last 13 years. My new years resolution was to kick both the game and porn addictions, so far so good :slight_smile:


I am glad that you joined the group. Lets remove unnecessary addictions from our life together.

Check in
Day 1 no gaming friday.
All good.

Check in
No gaming Saturday
Day 02

Checking in, still game free 112 days now, almost 4 months next week…

It has been so nice to have the time back for other things, rather than chasing that next lvl up, or doing the same thing 200 times to maybe get some pixels with bigger numbers, this is where they hook you, because when you get your lvl or loot there is always that next thing just around the corner, it never ends, even when you Max lvl and kit out you can always start a new guy with a different class or build, and this is where you loose 10,12,16,20 hours a day, every day, just chasing the next thing, or refining your ‘skills’ so you can run that mission a tiny bit faster, but what does that really matter?

And how’s that feeling you have when the power goes out, and you just feel so lost because your life is so consumed with the game that you loose friends, and forget your hobbies and those other things that make you feel truly alive and accomplished…

It’s not a way to live, it really isn’t…

And it’s bad when you see in Asian countries, they have rehab clinics that specialise in teen internet / game addiction because it has become such a huge problem, there are people who have died from exhaustion because they are so hooked they stop eating and sleeping…

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Checking in and bumping :slight_smile: streaks updated

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