No fap yes, but how about sex and moods?


Hi, currently on day 2.

I started watching porn when I was 6…
I understand that no fap and no porn is putting me out of the addiction but after two weeks of no fap I also experience less sex drive… I don’t get easily in the mood does this happen to you?
Also because I don’t get in the mood I sometimes have a hard time getting it up when it’s about having sex… Is this common?



I believe it’s called flatlining and I’ve had it happen to me and i usually feel very low energy as well. You just gotta power through it and it should go away on its own.


One aspect of the Rewire is trusting your body and not stimulating it artificially to meet our short term needs of pleasure. I would say if your body is genuinely going through a phase of reduced sexual interest, then it’s best to respect that. It’s ideal if you have a trusted sexual partner, because then you can talk to them about it and if they are genuinely close to you they will understand and support you. They may even participate by engaging in sexual activity in a way and pace that suits you, and it could help build greater true intimacy between the two of you. Perhaps going at your own pace could lead to even more awesome sex than you anticipated.

If OTOH you don’t have such a trusted partner, then may be all this is nature’s way to help you grow until you actually can meet and attract such a partner? May be you need to transform as a person before you attract a partner who truly arouses your interest. Just my thoughts.

But overall: I think it’s best to be in touch with your body and not force it towards stimulation. You are alright and what’s happening to you as part of the NoFap process is OK.


Thank you so much for your reply brother, I see you know your stuff :blush:


Well With My current gf we are together for like 2 months now, she’s nice, good mind & body.
I read online that if you’ve watched lot of porn you may come to a phase where regular sex won’t exited you as much. I can understand that since I find sex boring sometimes (in general) and I did find that exitment in porn…not sure if that’s the case? I do get hard ons almost every day at random moments, but when it comes to sex It will take effort to get in the mood…

I just want to get over and done with this crap addiction… I’m tired of it!..

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Puberty hit you at 6???


I got same questions

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Damn I started to masterbait when I was 16