No fap partner / companion

Need companion to stop from masturbation addiction…1st goal to break my own record of no fao of 14 days…


I am here :handshake: to join.
Let’s do this together. :men_wrestling:
:smile: this time anyhow I will break my highest record and create new one.


ok bro…btw how to add companion i dont know :p. so tell me :slight_smile:

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5tabs you can find below(if you’re using mobile app)
Go to companion tab :busts_in_silhouette:(middle one) there you’ll find :large_orange_diamond: three dots in it…
Press that button…
In the last you’ll find your sharing code and just above that you can find the add companion.
You just need to copy code of others and paste it there (in add companion tab)
Or you can share your sharing code…

I’m in with u guys to

okay . whats ur code ?

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My Share code : gr605r

Kindly share yours too…

d0uzsi thia is my sharing code