No fap on mental health

Hi guys, I was a sex and fap addict before. Sex was never hard for me. Being a bisexual I’ve been into lot of hookups in my young age. But 2 years ago I stopped having sex. From that time I started sexting and used to fap 3times 4 times a day. I was never bothered about my past…
But it’s been a week I am doing no fap ( tough failed and started again ) I am feeling a lot of guilt and hate for myself. I am scared as well . I am at a point of mental breakdown that I’ve lost interest in almost everything. The feeling of guilt is killing me.
Is this normal ?
Anyone faces such feelings while no fap?
Should I stop no fap?
Will I recover this self hatred and guilt if I continue no fap for a long time?

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They are temporary, but they can last for a while like a month or so (from my experience). When I was at that point where I had no will to do anything and I didn’t even care about living anymore I always reminded myself that even if nothing matters God is a constant in a temporary world and he is always there for me. I also reminded myself that if I just died (I sometimes imagined it) that my family and friends would miss me even if I haven’t been the best person for them and I thought about how I’d rather live to help others because I don’t want people to feel the pain I live with

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Yo this is just withdrawal.Everyone has to go through all this at some point.

Fuck no!

Yes brother, definitely. Not just doing NoFap ie staying clean, you should also focus on meaningful work that makes you better. Your education, health, mental toughness etc. Self hate and guilt fucking evaporates when we start genuinely caring and start trying to improve our condition, out of true love for our own self.

Btw, just out of curiosity, where are you from?


Thank you brother… I feel better now.
I am from India … you brother?

Same. Where exactly? I’m in Kerala.
I’m happy to report that there is no shortage of Indian people on the forum. :smile:

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I am from West Bengal , kolkata @neetwarrior
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Bro i am bengali. But i am from Delhi❤️

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That is amazing bro… what is you max streak?? And are you on any social media?

I am on insta and my max streak is 6 days only🥺

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