No fap motivation

Hi all,

I need help on no fap journey… Can someone motivate me on this? Im struggling in the cycle of relapsing… I Cant help myself, Im so depressed now… Even I had bad feeling while watching p***, I cant stop myself and get out of the temptation.

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Hello. How are you? Maybe some friends make the way easier, not necessary your near circle of friends. You talk about this in priv?


No, I never talk about this in private because i feel ashamed of myself, I dont want anybody to witness my dark side…

Yes, Im looking for friends who can help me, I feel helpless on this no fap journey

Calm bro, everybody has a dark side, im ashamed too but it’s not the end, we deserve to ve loved like a every person, i believe in you, it’s not a easy way but you are attempting this, that’s make you stronger than you think.

to distract yourself you should maybe try a new hobby, for example i love writting, specially books, try this, remember this, every step is part of the progress.

Hi brother, thanks for the heratful words. My depression is lesser compared to the moment (just now) i have just relapsed after only 3 days from the last streak. i ocassionally read, but not when im Tired. When im tired, I din go to sleep, I just want to spend time on phone, thts y Im still struggling in the midst of negative cyle…

I understand you, just yesterday i felt the same, i can’t sleep and my thougts were tormenting me but i was able to get over it, if i can so do you, today is a new day and that means you have new opportunities, don’t give up bro, show the world what you made of, you can do this like a champion.

I give you this image what i found today, it’s very cute and maybe it can give you a smile


Thank you bro for the cute picture, I like it, it is meaningful.
I have lost too much because of p***, thts y Im depressed and feeling hopeless.
I have not only obsessed with p***, but also phone addiction, procastination and etc. The problem is i cannot improve any one of the bad habit mentioned this make me more tension. If I were able to make changes on the habit, my life would be better, then the attention on p*** would be lesser as well.

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I know that feeling, it’s like a fly flying around your head, it’s very horrible, you have a psychologist? It’s very useful, remember that “receiving help does not make you weak” you are still whorty and nothing can change that, don’t be afraid.

You have to pardon yourself, i know, that’s isn’t easy but you can do it, it’s hard to do this every day but is what make the things easier.

To run first one have to know how to walk, but walk isn’t bad as sounds, walk is good exercise because you can see the world around you, enjoy that travel, one day at a time.

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Hey bro i feel much more better now.
Thanks a lot for your kindness and useful advice.
Ok, first, i need to forgive myself… So let me just start my journey again. As long as Im trying, the Solutions will be always more than the problem, correct?

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Yeah, that’s the spirit, you’re doing great, and remember that it’s ok to fail because the important thing is that every time you fall you will get up stronger and stronger, we make mistakes and that’s okay, we are human and that makes us great, imagine that Tesla decided to give up after failing once?

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dear friend Refreshmon, I have some reasons that keep me steady on my path!

Mainly the fact that pornography and masturbation greatly diminished my intellectual and cognitive capacity, seriously affecting my attention, focus and memory!

Another point is that the addiction ended up making me lose the grace in everything in my life, I started to leave the hobby, job and desire to live aside, that is, in addition to taking away my willpower, my eagerness to satisfy the addiction increased.

It’s a very dirty addiction, it’s easy to access and, in addition, it steals your shine, my advice to you is to write a lot in this forum, it helped me a lot, because here I can tell myself and everyone who follows me how good is to keep porn out of my life

I apologize if the translation ended up failing in some points, because I’m Brazilian and I’m using google translator!

Hugs and stay strong on your walk!


FelipemasterONE, Thank you very much for the kind words. This forum do help me a lot on fighting with porn addiction. I wrote diary and seek for advice here. We can gain willpower from the friends here tht hv similar goal.

Although Im ashamed of my porn addiction, but i can say tht realizing we need to quit porn addiction actually gives us a good opportunity to examine our daily routine, habit, hobby and etc. When you have healthier lifestyle, the new habit can simply replace your porn addiction as well.

There are so much beauties and interesting thing tht we hvnt discover in our life. Hence, I sincerely hope tht everyone who are addicted to porn or sex can let themselves free from the toxic habit, brother, so to you too.


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