No fap forever versus fapping once a month

Can anyone here with more than 90 days of no fap help me knowing advantage of doing no fap for 90 days or longer versus fapping once a month?

I’m on day 50 and didn’t see any more benefits from last 3 weeks or so. I’m curious is it okay to fap once a month rather than controlling ourself forever?

What are the benefits/advantage you have experienced after continuing no fap after 50 days?
And what are the advantages you have seen after continuing no fap for more than 90 days?

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Less sleep
More concentration
More time
More active
Less stress , depression.

Question : is it okay to fap once a month rather than controlling ourself forever?
It depends on the person…if you are unable to control then it’s okay.otherwise throw this type of thought in the garbage… it’s nothing but an excuse.


The answer depends on what your priority is right? Of it’s to get over your addiction then nofap for long term is better. If you are jacking off to porn every month then you are never leaving the addiction. Also, you’ll be looking forward to that one day of the month and there’s a very high chance that you will relapse more than once a week. So if you are doing it to get over porn addiction, try to maintain a long streak. If your reason for nofap is something else then the answer will change accordingly.

Benefits wise, Im on day 346 and I can give credit to nofap for only one thing and that is decrease in acne. That one I can 100% assure you. Rest of the supposed benefits is subjective. By that I mean it ties in with the other hobbies you build up in the process. For example in my case, I look much more muscular than when the started nofap. Many have claimed taht nofap inceases muscle growth. But I’ve been working out consistently for more than 21 months now and been maintaining a good diet. So I can’t really say I’m muscular because of nofap. Further, confidence is another one such benefit. I never had a problem with it before but I can say that Im confident because I look better now. You get the point right? Now if there is some other benefits, there are a lot of supposed benefits out there, that can be achieved solely by doing nofap then that works too. Me personally haven’t found anything apart from acne


humans are very unique we are biologically same but still different and everyone has a distinct effect to behavioural addiction or even substance addiction

So the bottom line is if it works for you it’s your call

But there is always the fear that you’ll over indulge in this behaviour and soon once a month can turn into once a week and so on

An good example could be drugs

some people do it rarely once in a while so they don’t feel the side effects of over indulgence

all know that the drug is bad for them

just cause they don’t do much of it doesn’t make the drug healthy

It’s just that less indulgence doesn’t make them realise the effects but the effects are there but the compounding will take time

Also there is always a possibility that the rare user can turn into a regular and then the compounding bad side effects will start affecting him

Now add age factor to this someday you’ll be 45-50 yrs old somthing grown ass man who masturbates once a month imagining about girls

Like any substance that hijacks our dopemine system can and will affect an ageing brain in a more harmful way behavioural addiction (complusive sexual behaviour) will also do the same

For a old person cocaine even if rarely used can be dangerous

Similarly complusive sexual behaviour to a ageing brain can be more damaging not as much as cocaine but yes

masturbation many believe is strongly connected with feelings of depression, lack of motivation and anxiety

if you don’t believe it go through this forum or the message board section

You’ll see many people are sad about something in life a past incident then they also slip they feel depressed about some shit that they can’t seem to comprehend in life

Some feel completely messed up and masterbate to feel good for sometime then again depressed almost like stuck in some cycle yes problems are real but many just feel helpless anxious and sad

I see a very strong evidence here

it’s not only the problems problems will always be there and sometimes they can be unbareable but the way of handling the problems gets affected

so there is a possibility your years of one month fap sessions and the age factor together will start taking its tol on you and you can have some negative emotional psychological problems later in life

Not only that Its my personal opinion that every person has a moral compass built in him so even if some people think fapping is not a bad thing subconsciously feelings of shame and guilt will build up inside slowly and these negetive emotions sooner or later will affect the person

So my suggestion would be don’t look at killing this habit as a small time goal but look at it as a life long commitment to give the best possible life for your future self


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