No Fap 2022 for Betterment of Our Own Life

For preparing for the upcoming year 2022 we started from right now to stay relapsed free or no fap year

Join this challenge and become relapsed free in year 2022

You are strong person don’t do wrong with your body


  1. Daily Post something which motivate fellow companion and you also to become relapsed free

  2. use this portal as your own please don’t post wrong post

  3. this is open challenge for all people including Male/Female

  4. Please it’s humble request to you all don’t message female companion directly without their permission otherwise you will be removed from this

Thank You

And stay relapsed free


It’s Day 1 for me here

Please post yours

On Day 7 for me. I find nature motivating. When I’m stressed, I love to get outside and just enjoy the fresh air. I always come back feeling refreshed.

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Pls add me
Sharing code :ufdvri

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@sammyx901 welcome to no fap 2022

We all try to achieve this aim for betterment of our future only

Congratulations @sammyx901 you one step ahead in this journey for betterment

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Hi, I want to participate, but don’t know this code everyone is sending. Can you please tell me how to generate that code?


Thanks man ,I really appreciate :pray:

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You already joined challenge

Code is only for tracking companion position only

For code 1) Go to Companion tab (2people. Shown in below line)
2) find 3 dot in yellow circle (Right Below Corner)
3) click that 3 dot and find my sharing code
4) copy that code and share with all


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I’m too in for the support :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:

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@TheBigSP thank bro for your support

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Hello fellow warriors,
I am currently on day 26 , not relapsed yet but have watched porn once and now regretting. But not going to reset my streak anyway . From now onwards going to follow pmo hardmode. I feel I am in flatline period as my brain is asking for porn but i am stronger than this. Wishing everyone a wonderful journey ahead.
Best of luck guys.

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@ashisht all the best for new journey we all with you

Make your own better version for betterment of yourself only

Thank you @sd242
There it is! I have just signed into this app 2 days ago. Have been using the app for around 2 weeks this time, but have installed and uninstalled before.

Anyway, I just had the moment where I thought fuck it, let’s take up this challenge. I’m already 27. Don’t have infinite time to come clean in life.

Good luck everyone!

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@sd242 , I couldn’t find companion tab. Is it ? Anyway, unless it’s a hard requirement for the challenge I don’t think I need it anyway.

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how you come community tab is companion after that follow the step just like earlier message

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Tuesday 28 December 2021 - Day 4 :heart:

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Got it @sd242 , here’s my code - a3nu25


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Added in my companion list

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Thanks @sd242 ! 2022 here we go!

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Let’s go with no fap 2022, that’s year for new things!