Nightfalls (Need Help)

Hey guys , Its Aadi . I have been nofapping since last year . I have made streaks of 5 and 2 months rsp before this . Now its been 25 days since I last busted two times a day . I have felt that the most problematic thing I face after any relapse is brain fog , weak memory , undermined capability to think - understand and that unexplainable mess going on the the brain + A SERIES OF NIGHTFALLS .
This time , the problem has came really far . I almost got rid out of it until I had a big nightfall after my 22nd day . It also happened two times before this . When I started nofap , nightfalls occurred at that time too , but they didn’t affect me that much and I considered them as just a normal leak of unused semen . But now as I have crossed almost 10 months and have relapsed only 5 times in this period , this problem has increased way too much . Whenever I finally make long streak and start to come out from the ills of the last relapse , a nightfall occurs and takes all of it down again . It clouds my brain and affects me in the same way like a relapse does but in a shorter amount and for a smaller period of time .
This thing has been happening to me from 3 months , I clear out my brain and make new streak thinking that now it won’t happen again but nightfall happens and drains away my mind and it again takes a week or two to get out from the effects of last nightfall until another one comes and boom :exploding_head:

What I have tried to prevent nightfalls -

  1. Hard workout
  2. Meditation daily
  3. Away from bad and erotic contents (but last time I couldn’t prevent it and fall occured bcoz of the same )
  4. Avoiding spicy food
  5. Avoiding drinking a lot of water just before sleep

But it still keeps happening again n again and I can’t control it.
Please give your suggestion below , I really want to get out from this and have a clear mind . I have to prepare and study a lot in the upcoming 45 days and I won’t be able to do it without my fully efficient mind .

@Samaranjay @a_lone_warrior05 lone_ @BlackMagic123 please have a look :point_up:


Nightfall happens don’t overthink it will decrease but the time increases Insha Allah just beware from the urges after that.


Yeah , Ikr . I am just unable to afford the bad effects that it is having in my brain .
Rest is okayy . I am not having any other issues from nightfall as I myself know that it is a part of nofap . I was just asking for some ways to prevent it as for temporary .

  • not gonna give up to urges anymore , I am confident that I won’t relapse now bcoz I have considered it as my last chance .

It’s the thing you don’t have in control just let it be it will decrease over time Insha Allah

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You literally are doing great. You don’t have to worry.
The problem is not nightfall. Nightfall is natural. I had a nightfall i think 2-3 days back. The problem is that you are Overthinking. Don’t let it contribute to your stress.

These that you mention that you have tried gonna really help you overtime.

ok bro
thank you so much for your words , I really agree I overthought on this . I’ll try to be relaxed and patient :+1:

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I find it also very helpful to stay away from meme sites like 9gag etc which insinuate all the time that there is something in porn thats precious with lewd posts, Im not using instagram but if I did Id probably steer clear of that too

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I am not sure whether it’ll stop permanently but it’ll decrease for sure.

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Yes that’s actually true :sweat_smile:.
Nightfall actually just leads to a little weakness but guilt is not there unlike relapse where guilt and black shadows prevail atleast for a few days.


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