Nightfalls are killing my motivation

Unfortunately, I am in a situation where I don’t have time to exercise or meditate as the place I’m loving in is in a shifting process. I ate eggs and spicy food and didn’t workout at all. The effects are very dangerous.

I had 3-4 wet dreams in one month and I can feel the energy and motivation dying inside me. My hair is getting weak. All negatives are starting to come back which I recovered by retaining my semen.

I am out of my mind and I don’t know how to continue this. Someone please help me get my motivation back. I never wantol to have a nightfall again. I want to preserve my semen for all my life.

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Don’t be so bothered about Nightfall try to figure out your routine, try to get some time for Meditation…
And you can do “Ashwani Mudra”. It can be done anywhere even while sitting in office… n the link is

it will help in stopping Night Fall.


Exactly… ashwini mudra helps reducing night falls.
You could also practice brahmacharyasana…it also helps…
Try meditation before sleeping to purify the thoughts and dreams…

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Thank you so much. I will try these

Some other points that I came to know from a book…

Everypoint is important.

will try to summarise the main points in English.

If you can’t zoom it here…open it in your browser…from the three dot option above right side.

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Yeah sure. Thank you