Nightfall Prevention

Anybody know how to prevent these frequent nightfall. please share and discuss. As it breaks the streak if you are in hard mode guys reply on this. cause everybody require these related info.


@nofapstar123 you can give best suggestions.


Don’t edge on woman sexual images and exercise as well. Throughout time nightfall will go away the higher the streak. But for the moment you should stay away from PMO and more dopamine in proactive activities.

  1. Sleep early and wake up before 7am.
    There will be reduction by 90% (in my case).
  2. Work hard. Physically and mentally. It will help you sleep soundly.
  3. Meditate, do yoga and sexual kung fu (Qigong). To channel the energy accumulating in lower chakras to the upper ones, right up till the crown. In case you have nightfall, loss becomes very insignificant.
  4. Eat light in your last meal.

These will reduce nightfall in 99% of the cases.
If the problem still persists, please check out with an Ayurvedic doctor.
Avoid conventional docs cuz according to them fapping is healthy. :neutral_face:


Ready to help
Three simple steps to prevent nightfalls(it works for me )
Step 1: wash your feet with tapwater
Step 2: dry your feet and sit down
Step 3: massage your feet with mustard oil. Do it 10 mins before sleep

Note: i recommend doing it only if you are having frequent nightfalls
I hope it works


Also follow what others said!


What is sexual kung fu?

100% agree. From personal experience.


Taoist practices for cultivating sexual energy.
Please google for more details and if your interested in reading books, check books authored by Mantak Chia.

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