Nightfall effect on streak

I heard too much that nightfall is natural, normal and it does not have impact on dopamine levels. I want to know that, I completed 1 month in this month I faced 4 nightfalls after every seven days. Now my brain unconsciously saying me that my energy is drained and whenever it occurs it decrease my confidence level, A little bit of anxiousness… Tell me how can I overcome nightfall. I don’t watch any adult content and don’t think bad eat less at night eat healthy do exercise daily take showers but still it happens and drain my benefits like my confidence… Please tell me how can I prevent nightfall so it doesn’t affect my streak benefits.

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Nightfall is not a problem, problem is your mindset towards nightfall.

Well if you are managing to do all this then I don’t think you need anything else in your life. You should be proud of yourself and happy and not let nightfalls bug you. Plus I think you should know that nightfalls don’t lead to that much energy loss as does relapsing. So yeah rejoice and celebrate your lifestyle, don’t worry about nightfalls.

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