Nightfall and its effects

What is a healthy frequency of nightfall?
How nightfall affects streak? And how to minimize it?

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Twice or Once a week is healthy frequency of nightfall.

It won’t affect your streak at all.


I don’t think we can prescribe a certain frequency to be healthy. It differs among individuals. If you’re new to NoFap, you might have more nightfalls but as time goes on it will reduce and may even stop altogether.

There is no need to reset your streak because of a nightfall. It’s involuntary and just shows that your body is adapting.

Like I said, the frequency reduces as you progress in your NoFap journey. So complete abstinence from PMO is an obvious solution. Then, taking measures to avoid social media soft po®n, sexual fantasies, etc. might be helpful.


My current streak is 20 days and I have got 2-3 nightfalls. 1 because I peeked into insta nudity.


Yeah, peeking into any kind of sexual stuff can lead to nightfall!


Sometimes Nightfall occurs because of sexual fantasies, at other times it occurs out of nowhere. It might be some long suppressed desire suddenly pops up into the unconscious. We might use Freudian procedures to interpret the content of wet dreams and reach the conclusion as to from where these dreams might be coming. But for this it is required that one retains much of the dream in memory.


Today I received a dry dream. I saw totally erotic dream but no nocturnal emissions. I usually see dreams like I am active in some adult websites and searching stuffs or dreams like seeing some erotic stuffs in magazine or newspaper.

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