Night Masturbation

From the last 3 months or so I am facing this weird phenomena of “Night Masturbation”
But before going into that topic let me tell you this for sure, I have such blockers in my phone that it’s not possible for me to open anything explicit. So it can never be a chance of phone induced urges.

Coming back to the topic.
So…I am doing a streak for suppose 10 days or so. Everything is going just perfect without any problem. I am all happy and determined to overcome this addiction. But suddenly some night, I go to sleep. Nothing wrong till then. I feel absolutely no urge.
But am awakened at the middle of night with urges as huge as possible. I try every way to minimize that urge (going to pee, washing private area, etc). But atlast, I somehow masturbate by imagining. I relapse averagely 3 times. This usually starts happening after I cross 10 days streak.
I am loosing all my streaks, motivation and vital fluid by this.
I can’t really understand why its happening only when am sleeping, it never happens when awake. I have a few questions regarding this. Please please kindly guide me in this.

  • Why am relapsing?
  • Is it even normal or I have any disease?
  • Is anyone having same problem?
  • Should I reset my counter or not?

Please please, with folded hands :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:I request everyone to guide me in this. If I can’t solve this, I will continue loosing. Please help me.

I’ll try to answer the only question that I can comment on it.

Only you can answer this. Do you count MO as a relapse? Or in order to be considered a relapse it has to be PMO? But if you want to know my opinion, MO is a relapse, and I would reset my counter.

However, it is important to notice that you have already made a considerable improvement by leaving p***.


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Thanks @rewireproject. I too consider it as an relapse. But I cant live like this right? Till when am going to follow MO? Let it be without P. But still till when?
I too want to be productive and achieve goals in life. But unable to.

First the topic is not detailed enough to my liking but I will try . Do your masturbate or it happens naturally if it happens naturally then don’t reset
But I need you to be honest are u touching your cock in any way? Thinking of pleasuring yourself? Thinking of the feeling of it? Thinking of sexual women in any way ?
Ofcourse these thoughts happens automatically but (PROLONGED THOUGHT) IS A PROBLEM and since it happens every ten days u already set a limit on when it should happen creating your mind to make an exception for that 10 day making you more weak and susceptible

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@BloodyCocaine Hey, I got your point!

However, I have a question:

Do you consider thinking about a woman in a sexual way for a prolonged period of time laying down on my bed as a relapse? Assuming that I was not touching my d*** and that there was no orgasm.

(By prolonged period of time I mean the time it takes for you to fall asleep)

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Bro @BloodyCocaine. I gave as much details as possible. I masturbate.


No I dont. I try to avoid thoughts of women as much as possible.
But at middle of night, woken from sleep. We all are vulnerable and weak. That time my brain becomes stronger and then the usual shit happenss.

No sir but it may lead to a relapse but I don’t consider it as relapse my bad if I confused u in my writing

Also if u find yourself in that position you’re not going to be able to go to sleep because your brain has high activity so u have to go distract yourself until sleep again best advice I could think of .

For example , if your first day of school is tomorrow your chances of going to sleep low big game the next day your chances of going to sleep is low .

So u just have to distract yourself from pleasurable thoughts I’m sorry man life is cruel

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Yeah bro. Life is cruel and pathetic. I am suffering and making my family members also suffer. And do you know what is more painful?
You can’t even convey them your reason for suffering :slightly_smiling_face:


Man bro I swear because if u tell them hey I have a porn addiction it’s ruining my mental health and motivation. They will bash . But becoming a man is the understanding that society is against u until you become the strongest u can be and the humbleness of that

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@BloodyCocaine Thank you, now I understood!

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I hope all of us someday can be that man. :pray:


I will answer with my own experience, they can vary from your experience…

  1. Why am relapsing?
    Weak mind. Low self esteem and absence of strong determination
    How to strengthen mind?
    Practice. Training of mind is required. It’s a slow and steady process for many. Perseverance is prerequisite.

  2. Is it even normal or I have any disease?
    What is normal? By definition normal is what majority accept and validate to be correct and good. Normal is not necessarily your self craves for.
    If anything that you do, which does not give you eternal bliss and peace of mind- need to be abandoned. Not temporary pleasure but a lasting blissful state of mind.

  3. Is anyone having same problem?
    Yes. Many do go through the same experience, including me.
    But instead of problems, we should seek solution. Be aware of the the after effects of the act and guard yourself with good thoughts and deeds and meditation.

  4. Should I reset my counter or not?
    Ofcourse yes. If it gives you some pain.
    Our brain works on rewards and punishment. For good reward yourself and punish yourself if you go wrong.

Best regards


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