Night ejaculates

Hello there I come here with a question. I’ve been doing nofap for 5 months and I’m feeling pretty good but 2 months ago I ejaculated at night while sleeping, and today was another ejaculation while sleeping. I know that it’s normal when you don’t masturbate or have sex but I found it very burdensome and annoying.Is there any way to stop this?
I have an idea to masturbate(of course without porn)once every 2-3 months just to release the sperm and stop ejaculates at night. Do you think this is a good idea and it will help? And before you ask Im not addicted to masturbation i handle with it pretty good just want to stop masturbate and ejaculates at night.

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Not a good idea. Masturbation will lead to chaser effect

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I think you have already mastered nofap, and PMO no longer affects you.

The next level is semen retention, where you do not spill any semen.

There are yoga postures that you helps doing that.

Also this video will help

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No brother, masturbation is not good idea to stop nightfalls, If you can retain, retain it as much as possible. Save your energy and channelise it.

There is no harm, let it ejaculate automatically…No issue…

after 7 months of Nofap, I got 8 to 10 nightfall in a month
It was also amazing experience not annoying for me.


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