NFL nofap challenge!

I thought this would be something fun to do while we wait for the draft and the next season to start! Pick your favorite NFL team to represent and put your streak down next to them in the win column!

Every relapse will go down as a loss, but otherwise your streaks will count as wins. Only your highest record (for the duration of this challenge, no historical records) will count to your wins total. For example if I relapse at 21 days my wins stay at 21 until I beat that record again and then my wins will continue to climb again.

The rules are:
Be honest about your streaks, this is only for your own benefit really… You’re only cheating yourself!
No pmo, the only excuses are wet dreams or sex with your partner. But DEFINITELY no pork or masturbation.
Edging and peeking count as a loss, so be hard on yourselves!

If you’re down with that, pick a team below and put your current streak down in the wins column as well as your name and follow code down as a player with your favorite number.
For example:

#00 your username - your follow code

Game on!

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Team rankings:

Arizona Cardinals :turkey: W - L

Atlanta Falcons :rooster: W - L

Buffallo Bills :water_buffalo: W - L

Baltimore Ravens :bat: W - L

Carolina Panthers :cat: W - L

Cincinnati Bengals :tiger2: 32 - 0
#13 TheJedinator13 - 58cba7

Cleveland Browns :dog2: W - L

Chicago Bears :bear: W - L

Sorry I’ve only gotten this far, I’ll do the rest later on. If you want to add your team and it isn’t here yet, go ahead following my formatting. Cheers!

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