Newbie searching for a accountability partner

Hi, i am Bordi. I just joined this forum and hoped that someone want to be my Partner to fight this war together.

Sharing code - 2df3gs *

Current streak - 1 days *
Highest streak - 4 Month *
Age - 23
Gender - M
Location - Germany

Through this addiction I suffer almost every day. I startet relativ young with ■■■■ and builder some unhealthy habits and fetish’s. In the last 2 Month it feels like a circle or bubble I can’t escape. When I decide to quit with ■■■■ and masturbation, I can get through it with no trouble for a week but then my mind plays games with me. After two weeks I am in my old unhealthy ■■■■-kink-habits and it sucks. The thing is, every time I am in this addiction I feel miserable the hole day but only if I don’t watch ■■■■. I don’t want this shit anymore. But I can’t face it all by myself. So if someone feels like myself and want to be my accountability partner, than fight this war with me together

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My sc : r39j4o,

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Bro, we are in this together.

My sharing code - daaf29

You are a courageous guy, for seeking help. We will win it.

Take only 1 day at a time.

Forget the past, and the future and focus only on Present/Now.


Thank you :pray:

What does the sharing code stand for?

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with sc u can add someone as your companion. U can see your companion streak after adding them.


And where can I add you? I can’t find it

Press on the 3 dots, and then under add companion you have to paste the sharing code through which you can add companion

Please send you proper Sharing code, it is saying invalid code

I don’t have the app. I am logged in by the internet because I can’t find the app for apple devices

Adding someone as companion not available for browser.
I Don’t know if they have any ios app or not.

In browser u can still chat/message with the users u want to talk.

Good to know. Thank you budd

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