Newbie Monk, Study Hard

Today is 4th Nov 2022, I had started No Fap/No Porn Since 7 Oct 2022.
I decided to start a monk challenge for more focus & studying more.
Rules :
1)No Pornography/ No Fapping / No Sex Or Any Ejaculation (Even Nightfall)
2)No Fantasizing
3)No Artificial Simulation (Tv, Youtube, Netflix etc.)
4)No Procrastination
5)No Sugar / Desert / Fast Food
6)Wake up 4 - 5 am
7)Take a cold shower every morning
8)Study at least 35-40 hours/week
9)Restricted Relations
10)Restricted Social Media
11)Try to be calm
12)No Alcohol / Cigarettes
13)Exercise Everyday

I’ll update this topic everyday. If you have any idea it’s a pleasure to know that.

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Good luck soldier
I will Start with that too any tips or Advice we help each other keep us update, Don’t Give up

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Everything is going well till now, The only problem is with taking a cold shower in mornings because outdoor is too cold & It’ll be hard when I leave home.