New to this "game" and have a few questions on the app and challenge

Hey All,

19 year old male. I dont think I ever got to a point I was an “addict” but rather I got very anxious and lost erection just before penetration and after some research, I decided to giveup masturbation and ■■■■ all together. I have a few questions.

  1. I have a girlfriend, so will I have to reset counter if I have sex with her and ejaculate or I ejacate from oral stuff such as bj/hj?
  2. What are all these terms you guys use, i think they are accronyms. E.g. PMO? Can someone list me the most commonly used ones and what they mean??:sweat_smile:
  3. Some people share something called “campanion code” or whatever. What is this? Does it help at all? Should I use this?

Thank you so much for your time and effort. Carry on NoFap!

1:-If you had a girlfriend that’s ohk if you do sex with her it will not count as relapse(masturbation)
2:-the term pmo means porn,matsrbation,orgasm during this journey you have to be far away from mainly these three things pmo
3:-companin code it’s a code by which you can add someone on your buddy list and see their progress on this nofap journey ,you also have a companion code which you can share to anybody
And Yess hj is counted as relapse and then you have to set your counter again to zero

A hj by his girlfriend cannot be a relapse dude

The term " hard mode" or “monk mode” refers to strict sexual abstinence.I don’t recommend that for people in relationships unless both parties agree and sex addiction specifically is an issue.In your case abstinence from porn and masturbation is ideal.Couples sometimes have to negotiate compromises regarding sexual frequency though.The quality of the sex is better when it is neither too much or too little and you have to figure out what that ideal frequency is for you. I hope this helps.

I understand. Thanks for your help. For me its more to overcome anxiousness rather than having an addiction. Seems like my body is used to getting an “easy” access to pleasure and due to performance anxiety I sometomes loose erection before penetration.