New member Advice me

Hi, Please pray For me i start the challange!!! Plz advice me


Hello, you’re welcome here. You can add me as companion, my sharing code: 4znard
If you want to have a challenge, can have with me.


Howdy @Nadia!

My sharing code is @s4omwu. I’m new here as well. :smiley:

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Hiw ti use sharing cide im new here and i dont know use

Go to companions tab- click bottom right 3 white dots in blue circle- you will get options ‘add companion’ (use it to enter anyone’s sharing code to whom you want to add as companion) and ‘my sharing code’ (click it and you will see a code, click copy option there and share it with anyone to whom you want you to add as companion)

1.I f you add a companion by their sharing code then you can view streak and status of that companion
2. If you share your code with someone and that person adds you through it then that companion can view your streak and status

Doing this will help you to have companions, observe their streaks, get motivated and many things.


Good Luck Nadia :facepunch:


Hi im new here as well. What is your sharing code? I have like 0 friends here. I added 4 people though. Want to be my companion?

Ohh Thankss alot i understand