New journey, The debut/ beginning

Hello everybody my name is Sem last year 07 2022 i begin with nofap at first i only did 2 days. I deceived myself by telling myself that i can watch ■■■■ only to learn how to control yourself(like a heroin addict filling his needle just so it is not empty XD). The second time i just couldn t sleep and i knew that i needed the sleeping hormone from the orgasm. Now i see how lucky i was to have learned these mistakes so fast. When i failed the next day i realized that i need to go all in and couldn t care about anything else until i succeeded. The first nights where crazy my body felt so weird like all the withdrawl symtomps by body was twisting and shit. This was because the last couple years before i factly jacked off everyday for a couple times some days ,mornings evenings mid days and i swear every day. So that night i was sweating hours ticking by but nothing no sleep. Eventually slept around 6 in the morning. The first days literraly the only thing i was doing when i was awake was watching semen retention /nofap motivational videos cuz i needed them my mind was going all over the place. I just bingewatched nofap staying in my room. So i learned very quickly all the tips and tricks i needed to know about nofap and sr. The first nights where all hellish but it was slowly getting better. I stayed in my room only coming out when the urges came so i could be in company and you cant fap when you talk with people, i think XD lessons. Every night i slept maybe 1 hour earlier then the previous. Slow steps i was serious bout it. Then came day 4 i woke up at 9 am instant totally awake like i was on something. After sleeping for only 4 /5 hours. When i was walking out of my room i was already totally awake and walked to the kitchen to eat something. I was feeling very good eating my sandwiches at the table. When i suddenly realised that there was something wrong. When i retraced my steps it felt like i remembered that i just been flying over the hallway and i felt so happy . It was like when i walked from my room to the kitchen trew the hallway i was walking in a cloud of love that is the only way i can describe it . I had not been so happy ever and i just litteraly walked in a cloud of love crazy right? I was feeling very happy that day and in my journal note i had written: YEAH BUDDY! this is how you supposed to feel all those other days you were not feeling like this this is how a man feels. This is it you will never stop feeling like this you cant never go back to how you felt before because that is how you felt you felt like a bitch. You should always feel like this this is real life YEAH! So you guys can understand how i felt now after 4 days. I hope you want to read more and i will tell you guys more tomorrow or the day after tomorrow