New here... Need help

Hello everyone,

First of all, im not a native speaker so my english will not be perfect.

I’m a porn addict, but i have a foot fetish since i was young, i’m now 19 years old. I started realize it wasn’t really good for me to fap as much as i did on this kind of porno and porno in general, when i noticed that i wasn’t getting hard when i saw a pussy. I’m however turned on a little bit on ass and tits. I’ve tried manytimes to stop masturbating, sometimes i’ve succeed for about 2 weeks, but i always relapse in my fetish and porn. Recently i’ve tried to go on softer porn, like just ass and regular stuff and it was effective for about 2 weeks also. But now i don’t know why i just fap everyday on my old fetishes , i’ve relapse hard this time and it make me so angry. I just want to stop, when i finish i keep saying to me that it will be the last time but if never IS… So now i’ve find this forum, for support and advice i guess…, and to know if it’s possible to return to a normal state, to get hard easily on an ass on a regular girl, and not only on feet or stuff like that…

Thanks you all


You have to abstain from such stuff completely to rewire your brain to normal brother.

I’d recommend reading this with full focus, it’s the one thing that helped me the most,
Apply the principles given in it to your addiction. It will be helpful.


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