New here, looking for companions

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Sharing code - cv4tpd

Current streak - 2 days 18h
Highest streak - sth like 60-70 days in 2016
Age - 26
Gender - M
Location - EU

Why I want a companion - I’m looking for someone to look up to. Seeing people doing significant progress, makes me focused and dedicated to do the same.


Hi, I’m also new here :smile:
Sharing Code: xpcoq2

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Added :wink: where are you from?

Hey there!
Add me, just added you.
My code: 65feff

Already did that, your nick is thewindwaker?

Yep, im TheWindWaker. Fan from zelda series

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So add me because I don’t see you in my followers ;p

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Also new. My code: us3fg2
Feel free to add mee

I’m from India :india:
Age: 20

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Sharing code - b5m3hr

Current streak - 77 days 18h
Highest streak - 77 days 18h
Age - 28
Gender - M
Location - :india:

I am currently in my highest streak

Already have you added :wink:

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Hey @batish we are in the same day ;D

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