[NeverGiveup420] Wake up, Do your Best, Rest, Repeat- All praises are for Allah Almighty

EDIT- GO TO POST 96 where I found my way to Allah Almighty and my life changed.

Post 1 to 93 are just relapses and promises. Real journey begins from post 94 and in post 96 the start is evident.

Old post:
It’s time I change my life for better. It’s time to stop fapping to porn. It’s time to stop binge eating food. It’s time to un-glue myself from screen entertainment and stop being a dopamine craving zombie. It’s time I accept my responsibilities. It’s time to quit PMO, lose weight and become my BEST VERSION.

Time to become what I had always wished but never gave my all to achieve.

My Goals

  1. No PMO
  2. No Screen entertainment
  3. Dieting
  4. Exercise everyday
  5. Study
  6. Book reading as a new past time hobby instead of movies and TV series.
  7. Meditation
  8. Become socially active and stay out of my bedroom as bedroom is only for sleeping.
  9. Develop Communication skills and Concentration.
  10. Be Awesome

Kindly recommend me books to read regarding quitting porn or self help life changing.
Pls I need help. I decided to give my 100% after countless failures. This is me believing myself again while staring at self doubt that I cannot change myself.
So kindly share tips and valuable advice to quit PMO and change life.


Day 1 Completed

A journey of thousand miles starts from a single step. I completed my 1st day without PMO. 6 months seems a big target but I only have to complete 1 day at a time. Just 1 day I have to worry about and control.


Day 2 Completed

I successfully started studying seriously today. I ate my healthy food without looking at a screen. Today was easy. I was chill and somewhat busy in my tasks.
I need to start exercising from tomorrow and maintain a calorie deficit for weight loss. I also need to study more and get out of this relaxed mindset as exams are nearing. I need to shift from screen entertainment to book reading as a past time.

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Day 3 Completed

I started exercise (walking) and increased seriousness in studies. I also started book reading.
I just need to improve on these. Also I need to evaluate my day before sleeping everyday so I can make tomorrow better than yesterday.


THATS GOOD PROGRESS!!! That’s awesome man keep it up!!!


Thanks a lot bro :+1:
Let’s make our present day better than yesterday.

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Easypeasy by hackauthors
A must read if u want to quit porn





@roxor thanks. I’ve read easy peasy and it’s life changing. It helped me reach 101 days PMO free in the past.

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@Sujay786 thanks bro, I will read these 3 books for sure. Hope they help me. Thanks again👍

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Mention not… Someon suggest me this… I also want to read this… And we all are a family… we will achieve our goal… I beleive it 100%.
Because after so many relapses from my childhood now I found a best way to get rid of this addiction.
So let’s fight together.:muscle::muscle:


Yes sure :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I believe too

Let’s fight together :fire:


God speed brothers…


Day 4 Completed

Flatline has started. low motivation tried to get the better of me but I managed to study for the day and avoided wastage of a perfect whole day. I need better discipline and time management.


Day 5 Completed

Time to turn up the heat. Time to solidify discipline and routine because in times of danger and risk of relapse, our routine patterns can save us or let us fall into the traps of PMO again.

Note to myself: When you get free time or free day before working week, don’t relax by watching movies as a treat. Just read a book. If you solidify this habit then your chances of relapse will decrease exponentially.


Day 6 Completed

You need to fix that one problem that always makes you relapse
For me, that was unplanned binge watching of movies, TV series and anime. While I did this, the controller of my actions was my subconscious and hidden desire to get dopamine. I moved closer to relapse as my guards slowly fell. At the end, I relapsed as always.

Now, I’ve decided to CHANGE myself. I’m now a book reader instead of screen entertainment guy. I read novels and books when I want to relax on my day off instead of binge watching TV series. And I am 100% sure if I get this thing right, I WILL NEVER RELAPSE AGAIN.

I think I know myself enough to see a relapse coming and prepare for it in advance to avoid it. I hope so. Let’s see.


Day 7 Completed


I discovered today that the feeling of flatline, that resistance and lack of motivation that stops you from starting to study or do an energy consuming task, that feeling of unease in the chest is temporary. I was wrong about its control over my actions. That feeling is just there, it does not stops me from studying. And after I study for a bit, that feeling disappears.

If I study continuously for a few days than I will have achieved discipline in the face of flatline. And my chances of relapse will decrease dramatically. Because flatline causes you to divert from your routine and seek dopamine thereby causing you to peek and get derailed towards relapse.


Day 8 Completed

Being lonely and isolated fuels this PMO addiction

I figured a major obstacle in my quitting is my personality and habit. Being alone all day in my room, Binge watching TV series and movies, not socializing and talking to even my family, all these things make the trap of PMO worse.

Now, I’m really changing myself. I don’t stay alone and bored. I spend leisure time with my family. I help them and care for them. I play with my brothers and laugh with them. I’m a book reader now. I don’t crave screen entertainment. I don’t eat in front of a screen. I am really satisfied with my progress. My plan is to improve everyday. Failing to improve means inviting relapse.


Day 9 Completed

My cravings for watching screen while eating food are gone. Looks like screen addiction has weakened. Book reading has become my past time activity instead of social media and movies etc.

I need to be more conscious of not wasting time. And I also need to replay the days events before going to sleep and analyze my weak points so I can improve them.