Never do this again and why!

I was on my 38th and a half day on my NoFap streak until I tried to get a wet dream. I know wet dreams come naturally and what I was doing in my bed while trying to sleep was remembering the last porn video I watched before starting my longest streak ever. In my mind I always thought that I will soon reach 60 days even I still had 22 days left.

So since I was thinking while having a strong erection, I fell asleep and woke up at 3 AM just thinking what if it would be a good idea to sleep naked only this night and while my penis if having a friction touch with the tissue of my bed duvet and sheet it would probably cause a wet dream. I totally forgot that it is only random to have a wet dream and there is no way to trigger it myself. I felt asleep again and woke up at 6 AM with no wet feelings. Then I tried to remember all the porn pictures and videos and was out of ideas as I used them all. After that I did the UNFORGIVABLE. I was searching for safe porn on reddit which led to nude pornstars and porn pictures which led to porn sites as I tried to cover it and look away, from reddit “porn” pages which led me to search the internet for porn and lay on my stomach and rub my penis thowards the bed sheets. To be honest it felt like I was having short sex, with premature ejaculation and no woman under me. Orgasms hit, I lost control and I lost maybe 2 dl (20 cc) of sperm…

So what I learned is no matter how hard you try to avoid porn and and how many days you have reached, you always can do better, you always have chances to reach further. You can stop watching porn. I even tried to watch porn without masturbation, but the dopamine level is unnaturally so high there is no other option than having a relapse. I have also learned that I should never sleep naked and alone. When I sleep alone, I sleep with clothes on. Never in along time I slept once without clothes, and if feels good but I won’t do it again because this reason…


It’s amazing when I see people wishing for wetdreams when In my reality I have them almost everyday, sometimes I have 2 or 3 wetdreams in one night and its all because of the pornographic history I have, the brain takes pictures of everything and when you really Denie it what you used to feed it, it will do its best to feel it again the good thing is the more you abstain the weaker this images get over time I can confirm that

@Wise_Guy_97 this story was kind of shocking. I’m sorry to hear you lost your Streak. I think it’s great you made it to 38 days. I hate reading how porn took over. It’s an evil I know none of us need.
Glad you realized what you should and shouldn’t do in bed.

I’ve come up with my own rule from failure: no cell phone in the bedroom during the day

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Thanks for the support. I bought a book yesterday and read two chapters. I did not feel any urges as I was reading and picturing the main character in my head like I was watching a motion picture or playing the character in video game. I have anyways learned from my mistake and I will do my best to avoid repeating them. Furthermore I also wish you good luck with your NoFap journey :slight_smile:

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If the semen formed in the body is weak and body knows that this semen if used to give birth to a child will lead to a defective body child, the body throws it out. Eat nice things for semen to be nice. Then you will never have these wet dreams. Loss of semen is a relapse. It is like sugarcane lost its juice. If you lose semen continuously, you cannot hope for lasting benefits.

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It could also be that there is too much or old semen. Or you had an erotic dream.

I personally don’t think that you can do too much.
If I have a wet dream it is always due to an erotic dream. so, it has nothing to do with the health of my sperm but with what I dream and probably how I lay in bed

Dream is simply thoughts induced in your mind by body to get rid of defective semen. This is the reason for urges. Eat healthy and in right quantity, you will never have any bad dreams or urges.