Nerbo's Diary : Life as it passes by

Thanks bro I’ll surely read it, still I’m amazed about this anti-love thing, not amazed but I’d say new.

I suppose your not against love, maybe against manipulative women???

However, I must warn you, Tolstoy’s take on love is even more strict than mine. So, only go into it if you can bear it. All Russian writers wrote deeply psychological works.

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I am against the excuse of ‘love’ that both genders make to fool each other and gain their ends.


Bro why are you like this? Like is there a reason behind this? Look I’m against degeneracy (in menand women). But still @Nerbo why? Like I’m curious.

Mat Pooch Meri Jaagne Ki Wajah Ae Chaand
Tera Hi Hum Shakal Hai Jo Mujhe Sonay Nahi Deta

Is this correct?

I hope it isn’t some red pill stuff :sob::joy:

Before I answer this, I need your answer to this question. Have you loved?

Love is a damn big culture and man it sells. :joy:

Mohabbat ke samajhne ko umr chahiye jaana.n
Do ghadi ki chahat mein, ladkiyan nahin khulti
-Parveen Shakir

Yes and yes i was heard broken too, but look @Nerbo what i say to myself is “she wasn’t the one for me” and if i turned into some anti-love person and then someone who was actually meant for me came in my life, and i rejected here because I’m anti-love and all that, wouldn’t that be unfair? Because i judged her from the consequences of my past, yeah? Of course its depressing and very heartbreaking to loose someone but still i think my point us valid.

I heard about this red pill - blue pill stuff but have not read about it. Merely know that it comes from Lacanian philosophy, perhaps through Zizek.

Lmao :rofl::joy:
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Great. How long did she stay with you?

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Man, no it was not to be taken literally. @kazim.09 you would have made Parveen Shakir very angry. :joy:

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By the way, I guess you are in the finals of the Titled Friday. I hope I am not ruining your chances of getting the Cup. :joy: :joy:

Don’t get taken aback by this question. I have written my post based on my experience. It is my eighth year in a relationship with the same girl. I have not had any other girl. This was my first and probably will be my last relationship. Now, you might want to read the article in a new light.

However, Akbar Allahabadi had said something similar in his couplet as to what I tried to bring about in my piece that a person makes a commitment in the burst of infatuations and then goes on to regret all his life.

Aisa nahin ki tujhse Mohabbat nahin rahi
Ehsaas mein wo pahli si shiddat nahin rahi

-Akbar Allahabadi

Also, remember Faiz Ahmad Faiz said the same,

Mujhse pahli si Mohabbat mere mahbub na maang
Maine samjha tha ki tu hai to darakshan hai hayaat

  • Faiz Ahmad Faiz

So all lovers gradually get tired of love and are then thrown into a space of disillusionment. I believe I have reached the same stage.

P.S. It has been a long-distance one. Not that we live far away, just that we don’t meet each other even after being in the same city. We always intended to marry and never indulged in a gf-bf stuff.


Oh my dear friend you are in pain.

Fasl-E-Gul Hai Sharab Pee Lijiye

Zid Na Kijiye Janaab Pee Lijiye

Aagay Chal Kar Hisaab Hoona Hai
Is Liye Be Hisaab Pee Leejiyeah

Do Do Qatray Hein Jaam K Ander
Kar K Zer-E-Niqaab Pee Leejiyeah

Jo Piyeah Ch’hup K Wo Munafiq Hai
Be Takalluf Sharaab Pee Leejiyeah

Dil Ka Sheesha Hai Aur Khuloos Ki Mai
Ab To Aali Janaab Pee Leejiyeah

Aap Aur Itni Zid Adam Sahib
Harj Kya Hai Sharaab Pee Leejiyeah
Pee Leejiyeah, Pee Leejiyeah

P.s i know i massacred it but still i tried my best :joy:

3 years :upside_down_face:
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Let me guess, this bit was your addition :joy: :joy:

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Zara si baat sahi tera yaad aa jaana
Zara si baat bht der tak rulati hai

-Forgot the poet’s name

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Tujh Se Shikwa Na Shikayt Na Gilah Hai Pyare
Yeh Sab Kuch To Meri Qismat Ka Likha Hai Pyare