Negativity in many challenges

Why are we here? Are we here to fight each other? To be better than your companions? To compare your streak with the streak of others? To loose when we relapse?
Way too often we see people relapse and get dropped. Either by aggressive questions about how they dared to relapse or by dropping out of challenges, by loosing, failing dropping out.

What would I expect from a companion? Someone who helps me when I feel down. A companion shouldn’t only be there when your streak goes up but mainly when it drops down. He should pick you up and care about you.

I don’t need someone who tells me that I failed. I know that on my own. I need someone who tells me that he believes in me. That I can be strong, that I should keep going.

I tried one thing on my own. Instead of counting days I started to write sentences. I tell my self “keep going” every evening I write down one more letter on a piece of paper and place it on my desk and I will continue like that until there is written “keep going”. Within 9 days I have this small little sentence which additionally builds my confidence

If a true companion of your fail, instead of bringing him down by focusing on his failure, you could build up his confidence and honestly telling him for example that you believe in him.
If you wanna have a challenge, you could give him an idea for a new motivational sentence to write
Just as an idea

I just feel like all this negativity and focusing on our failings doesn’t help at all.


Yeah man the whole idea of getting a companion was to be there for each other in the journey, and keep them moving forward, motivating each and most importantly believing in each other, and giving support during urges.

I don’t know man how this thing has changed to what you mentioned. If that’s is the case, it’s not a healthy move.

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The whole purpose of this forum, these competition here is to support each other in the no Fap journey. These things help us and many have become successful by following these. Yet some people have made it the destination of their journey. Ridiculing those in competitions who relapse. no one gets to a 50 or a 90 easily … all fail in the attempt … its just that some fail more… people should realize that their being on 30 and other on 10 doesn’t make them former a greater and later a lesser person.


You are only looking at the negative side of this groups because your view is like that.

Take a positive look… there you will find many people making real progress in their journey through these groups and they are many.

Many members have thanked me for making such groups and there are almost negligible member actualy they are not even members of my groups like you who never participated in my groups


sorry i forgot my current goals. one of which is to only reply in my diary and the new user guide to reduce my forum time.
so i will close that

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