Needed some advice to quit sexting

I’m addicting of doing sex chat with strangers from. Facebook since 1 year… I don’t watch much porn but I do sex chat…
Currently my streak is 4 days and I dont wanna break that streak…Can someone help me how to quit facebook sex chat…
I had disable the account multiple times but this isn’t working right now…


Take a hiatus from your phone except for calling and texting for family and work. If not for any of that, shut it off until you need it again to text a family member or coworker. Even take a break from coming to NoFap if you have to. Don’t use your phone for any reason besides those two. Same applies to your computer if that’s what you’re using.


Sometimes I have a feeling to chat with girls too. Escorts adds are easier. Yes, use your mobile phone the minimum necessary. Don’t use for another purpose. And ask a question for yourself: Why Have I this desire for sexting?
Well, In my case, It’s a way to meet girls. Take care.

Just realise the fact, that someone else is silently watching your texting and waiting for your vulnerable time to hook you forever.
Sometimes fear drives us in the right direction.
Start reading scriptures’ texts and you will loose the grip of your texting.
Develop a higher taste to discard the lower one.
All the best bro, i am definitely sure that you can easily quit these.
Take care bro, we have your back to take you out of the pit but first step should start from your end. Never ever go to fb for texting, whenever you feel like going for texting, start reading texts from any scriptures.

  1. DELETE the chat
  2. Bkock the account
    3 . DELETED or deactivate your social media ,yku shouldn’t be using it in the first place, irrespective of you engaging in inappropriate chats . Its just social media has lots of triggers
    Wanna go further, through yiur phone away for most of the time read Books.

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