Need your opinions please

Hey fellow no fap warriors
I have completed 24 days and I had a 2nd wet dream
I already had one on the 16th day
Is this abnormal ? Having 2 WD in such a short time !
I slept from 8 am till 10 am
And before sleeping I had some thoughts about pictures I saw from before(when I used to fap) , but I quickly repelled them… In my dream I remember seeing some P scenes and then relapsing with my hand… But when I woke up my hand was not down there.
So here are my questions
-is it normal for meto have another wet dream just after about a week of another WT ?
-am I somehow responsible for these WD ??
-do the WD affect me like a relapse does ?
-and finally, please don’t tell me it is a relapse !

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At the beginning of nofap journey wet dreams are irregular. That’s normal.
You can decrease number of wet dreams by avoiding watching porn scenes and similar stuff.
It has some physical affect, of course. But it’s much smaller than when you fap. It’s just exchange of semen in your testicles. It doesn’t bomb strike your brain with dopamine and doesn’t mess your mind with porn stuff.
Wet dreams are not relapse.


Thank you so much for all the infos and for your reply :slight_smile:

It’s perfectly normal bro.But you shouldn’t think about any past pmo releted memories.

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WD frequency is random and you shouldn’t worry about it.

Dreams are created by your mind, so if you have watched explicit material or thought about its a chance that you will have dreams about it. Sometimes your subconscious give your brain a tip what to dream about.

WD might affect you as a relapse, but once again don’t worry. It’s natural way how your body release tension.

WD is not a relapse. It’s a sign you are getting healed, hell, dreams showing up is a sign that fog is being lifted from your brain!


Is not having a wet dream for a long time a problem?
Like if someone is having wet dream on his 60th day of Nofap?.. And only one wet dream in 90 days period.

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This is extremely normal. :pray::pray::pray::pray: