Need your experiences to overcome the lust ingrained in the brain

Hi brothers and sisters,

Hope you all are healthy and doing good.
It’s my day 14 completed today.

First 12 days were like smooth, but from last 2 days i am observing morning wood and also some bad nude dreams.
I just observe and do nothing. I think that wood is just the blood flow to certain organ of the body and control my mind.

I seek your advice how you handle this kind of situation? I want to maintain a streak forever. I understand that the lust in mind is trying to crawl up.
Can you tell from your experience how did you overcome the lust ingrained in the mind? Please help me to break free from lust and shower your valuable support with your advice.

Thanks and Regards

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Brother, I do not think that it is impossible to get rid of sexual thoughts. I’m on the 379th day of my streak of no PMO. I haven’t done PMO since December 2020.

But I still have a lot of sexual thoughts during the day, while working or studying… While laying down on my bed… Etc…

The point is that I have learned that I do not need to do PMO after those thoughts. I can move on and go on with my life.

Also, I tend to think that having these thoughts is part of our manhood. I mean, if these thoughts are about real woman in reasonable scenarios (the kind of thought I have are like that).

What do you think?


Dear @rewireproject

First of all, Thanks for setting an example to draw inspiration from.

I must agree on this point, that if we accept the reality, we do not need to struggle thereafter. One cannot think that lust will disappear from the mind all of a sudden. But the pragmatic way is to accept it as a reality and learn how to deal with it. When we are not dependent on anything, it’s value will decline inevitably.

Also thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and experience.

They are really helpful. I got a new insight.



@BreatheAndLiveLife , thank you for your kind words. I wish you good luck in your journey.

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