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Hello community,
I am new to this forum. Today is the 8th day of my Nofap journey and I feel that I am going through flatline. I want to know whether I am on the right track for noFap. I have the following problems.

  1. Whenever I want to have sex with my gf, I don’t get any erection.
  2. My penis has become very very soft.
  3. Even if I watch porn, I don’t get any erection until I touch with my hand.
  4. Even if by chance, I get an erection, it hardly stays for around 15 secs.
  5. After starting nofap journey, my penis is shrinking.

I just want to know whether after 90 days of nofap, I will get cured or not. I am 23 and I have been masturbating for almost around 12 years. At first, I used to rub it on my head. Give me some tips, advice to follow.

Please help me out guys. Could not focus on other work due to this.


It means you have relapsed…?

It’s is normal , each and every person on this earth doing nofap have this. The size of penis which we are shown in porn stuff is not real ; it’s artificial it’s not made by the natural ways. We are brainwashed by those unnatural sizes.

Everyone has it no one always have erection in penis , it’s only the myths made by porn industry that erections can be get at any time. You will surely heal if you work on nofap journey with full dedication.


No I have not relapsed. Today is my 8th day. I was talking before starting Nofap. I am worried whether no fap can cure me. Whether I can get rock hard back or not??
Thanks for the support though.

Doing nofap doesn’t only mean to get your rock hard back. Rather nofap means to achive many more things.
Stop doing nofap is you’re only doing it to gain sexual needs, rather do nofap TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE. No fap must be done with an achievement for various things which were unable to complete while you were on PMO addiction.


@Tripunk Yeah it most probably will. Looks like you have Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction (PIED). NoFap cures it so stay strong.


Most likely this is the case.

Sorry to hear your experience man.

The good news is that yes, erectile dysfunction is cured when we stop watching pornography and masturbating. It may take longer than 90 days though, it could be six months. But for 12 years of damage to be healed in six months, that’s a pretty good deal to me.

Read easypeasymethod.org, it will give you the advice you need to stay strong and avoid the relapse cycle that keeps people trapped in addiction. The more we relapse, the longer it takes to repair the damage and we postpone our healing.

Best of success brother.


Hey @Forerunner
Are you sure? Because I have doubt how it could be cured within months which takes years to make a hard wired habit.

I understood this pretty well

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I am absolutely sure. There are people who were addicted for many decades that recovered within 2 years of no pornography or masturbation. So your case would heal much faster.

If you have any doubts, there are thousands of success stories online. Search for the guys who have cured their erectile dysfunction. Here’s a link full of success stories:
Rebooting Accounts: Page 1 – Your Brain On Porn

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I will check it out thanks for the link

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Bro @Tripunk . Its PIED. I’ve been in the same situation too.
Understand one thing, our brain is extremely plastic. Its not even like clay; it’s like jelly. Neuroscientists have found that. So it’ll change very fast; not only at young age but also at old age too.
80+ days ago I was exactly in your position. I couldn’t get it up on p***. My dick was dead.
But now Iam getting extremely strong erections, morning woods, everything cool.
Just be celibate for 90-180 days. Everything will heal.
Be happy and enjoy life bro. Forget about pmo.
All the best.


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