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hi guys! after 12 days, i am relapse again. how do you control your urge if it is coming to you? could you tell me some advice to throw away porn from my head? if you see girl in real life or in socmed, how do you control your urge like normal people? thank you

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Few principles u need to follow strictly

  • No porn. No matter what
  • Find a hack to sail through urges- Cold shower, walk, deep breathing, whatever that suits yoj
  • Make everyday count. 1 day and 100 days should be same for you
  • Get competitive

The most effective way (for me) for not relapsing is, keeping the curtains and doors in my room open. It keeps me on edge, and usually takes an effort from my end to relapse.
Talking of how to deal with women… that my friend even i dunno,
but what i have done is now, stopped myself from chatting with them whilst still on bed… if you are heavily engaged in chatting… i will recommend you do that while standing… and shut your phone when you come back to bed…

And for girls in real life… i started thinking of them as friends, i mean just friends … and it was manageable after that…
Lemme know if any of this works for you !
keep strong !


For women in real life
you need to understand that you are like any other animal and reproduction is your primal instinct but if you see a dog on the street and then back to your self you wont see a difference
you arent controling what you can control because being able to make a choice is what makes you different from any animal
To boost the thought is your choice, yes obviously it will be there we are also like animals but we arent beasts
you should drop your current mentality totally. just tell yourself this is how a dog sees this world. i am not a dog. and view women only like other “human beings”

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