Need support brothers

I was on Day 38, was feeling very strong and energetic, but now a days i have been relapsing daily night through PMO. Am trying hard enough but the chaser effect is killing me everyday through pmo. I am unable to talk to anyone in office, have lost my confidence, my aura, my positivity, my health, unable to wake up in the morning and going Gym, no Gym at all, started eating junk foods, unable to think clearly, decide clearly, fat deposit and loss of muscle, very messy look and unable to make eye contact with anyone, went on complete mute and head down all the time with guilt and personal issue,have become very restless and lack of patience.
Feeling completely 0 and not sure how long it is going to take to bounce back. Even a single minute is going like hours, very slow. Tired and feeling pathetic. Need motivation brothers, pls help me.

do breathing meditation and think about your parents


Thanks a lot @guru26 bro, will start mediation.
And thought of parents is always encouraging.

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