Need Study Tips for Online Studying

My job training (9am -6pm) requires 7 hours of listening to my Educator teaching us required technical skills.
Its tough for me but I somehow manage to focus around 5 hours in total.

The problem is, after the office hours, they expect us to practice and go in depth in what they taught and complete assessments regarding the topics.

My brain becomes completely fried after 6pm. Now how can I stay sane enough to study more 2-3 hours in the night.

So I have 2 questions -

  1. Effective tips for studying in Online mode, where your content is all digital?

  2. How to study long hours per day?


Install blue light filter on your device. “Flux” app is good for laptop. Or better buy bluelight filter spectacles.
Closing your eyes or not looking at screen once in every half an hour for atleast 2-3 minutes is recommended to prevent eye strain.
Good sleep (7-8 hours atleast) is recommended to stay focussed entire day. When you don’t feel like doing anything just take a 15 minute nap or mediatate for 15 minutes.
I guess that will help


I did both :joy: when Online college started a year ago.

I will definitely try meditation during our small breaks. Its way better than scrolling through the phone.

My average sleep is around 6 hours :sob: I want to manage my sleep better.

Thanks bro for the advice. I will try it out right from today!

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Scrolling will actually put strain on your eyes and mind and leave you even less focussed than before. I am actually not great myself in this sense, But still I know :joy:


You can also try having a powernap in the afternoon, like 15 - 20mins, it helped me a lot


Yes I will try that in my lunch break.


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