Need someone's help

Bro I will give my half of property to that person who help me get out of this addiction there’s no way to drop this I can’t stop it I fking surrender

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Ok, then your property is not going anywhere. Since the only person who can make you come out of this addiction is YOU


Do you really really want to quit? I don’t think you do. Because if you really wanted to quit then you will. If you close your mouth and nose until you can’t breathe anymore, you will REALLY want to breathe. That’s when you really want to take the air in.

So if you are relapsing then it means somewhere in your mind and mindset you are not being serious.

When are you going to be Serious brother?


Read EasyPeasy.
Wish you luck and strength.

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Well give us more context, my friend.
How many days do you usually stay away until you relapse?
Do you do daily sports and some form of meditation?
Have you installed software to block that stuff?

Bruh I usually stay 2,3 days without relapse, I haven’t block any website because when I have urge I will find from anywhere so it doesn’t help, I don’t play any kind of sport

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Do you think this addiction is worth your property?
I know it’s hard in the beginning I’ve failed like n number of times my highest streak was 564 days, after one relapse led to a series of relapse. Now I am on my 35 th day streak.
All you have to do is stop telling yourself let me do this for the last time. You know what? there is no last time. It’s always now or never.
Neglect your urges, consciously tell yourself urges are not worth anything. Identify the triggers for example the time when you watch prn , place like bedroom, bathroom. And on what device and on what app and what website.
After this all you need to do is never take your device on which you watch prn to the place where you watch it.
Install bulldog blocker, heroblocker to block prn and websites, use stay focused to block your phone usage at specific time during which you do that shit.

Stay strong brother, you are better than most of the people. Atleast you are trying,some people are not even ready accept the fact that they are addicted and prn is harmful.

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Are you broke lol?.. …


In what sense you are saying???

There are two wolves inside you: the good one and the evil one. They are constantly in battle, and the one that dominates the fight dominates you. The good wolf is pure; he draws strength from your positive mindset, patience, determination, and courage. The evil wolf is corrupted; he draws strength from your negative mindset, laziness, depression, and fear. In every moment, you are feeding the wolf you decide to feed.

The cure for inner problems lies within you. You are your own enemy and your best friend. No one can interfere in your life. You decide how to live it.

So do the things you need now so they become what you want in time.

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Which one should I feed?


Each time after relapse block the new way you found . Make it harder for yourself, you know your weekness right then you can find yourself the solution


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