Need some motivation

I have been fapping to porn since last 10 years. Everything was fine, but recently i was faced with delayed ejaculation and PIED. So i started to give nofap a try
I had done 15 days but yesterday had to relapse because i am a failure. I feel very bad about it. Need some motivation, how long should i abstain from sex
Also i have a couple friend who are interested in kinky stuff, like 3sum, gbang. What should i do? Can i join them? Or should i abstain from each and every thing related to sex in order to completely reboot myself. Pls help

Abstain completly from all sexual activity for atleast 100 days to rewire your brain.

15 days? That’s good!

I started ■■■■ fewer years than you, and couldn’t get much better results than for many times.

You’ve perhaps just started, and your 15-day progress is a good starting foundation for freeing yourself from ■■■■ addiction.

As Resurgent said, 100 days is good. Be careful not to over indulge yourself if you happen to misstep early (or even late) in the NoFap game.

For more basic guideline on why and how we do things and extra tips on moving forward to a meaningful life, you could scan through this ebook! :

All the best! :smiley:

Thank you very much…specially for the pdf…very much appreciated.