Need some friends to fight with bad urges

Hi Everyone,

As a new user here are

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Why I want a companion -

I also need help to overcome my porn addiction which generally occur on weekends that make these days bad moments of my life. As i’m working men so whenever i get free time on weekend then the porn make it worse so i request to all here in this community please help me

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Feel free to add me. My sharing code is e13b3d

Add me… Let’s walk together in this battle


Added you.
My code-7b48bd
Let’s get over this addiction, my friend.

Hi everyone thanks for your support and here is my sharing code 0baf34

I wish to help you in this journey. My sharing code is 29d44d

Let’s fight this together.

I have added you bro… Thanks for your support

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Feel free to message me here if you need to talk.

Added you as well here is my share code 8h580b177db36eb if you want to keep in touch over this I would be glad to add on discord

Yeah brother i need help again i’m attacked by the wrong addiction that always make my weekend worse. How can i cope with this major problem please help me

Yeah i have also added you and the problem is what to do to get rid off this shit

So first thing is look at what your average time between relapses was over past month, then set your self a number slightly above that as a minum amount of time you allow yourself between relapses. work on keeping to that number for a month or so then bump it up again. First goal needs to be not to get worse, second is raising your average. While doing this force yourself to do something on a schedule can be as small as you want just make sure that thing contributes to something meaningful.

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