Need motivation

I’ve really been off the game lately can’t even make it past 2 days need some motivation if you guys can give some.


Hi There. One thing that really work for me is replacing one bad dopamine with a good one.
I just started to run, and man it feels great, my anxiety for humans and my self image all disappears while I’m running. Download Nike run +. Use one of the guides in there, have some music on the ears and just run. You sleep better and and you get exercise :blush:

And remember the fight is only lost if you give up :wink:


That’s a great idea considering summer is here. Do you have any good quotes that I can think about so I can keep moving?

I’m not the best in quotes I must admit. But for me, I try to see winning over ■■■■ addiction as someone in a hurdle race. Many obstacles, but although you fall on many of them, you can still win if you complete to the finish line. Sett your self a big goal, and part goals towards the big goal :blush: Stay strong :muscle:

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To those who are relapsing again and again - Here is a tip -:
Just don’t touch your Penis , because ,well, YOU CAN’T FAP IF YOU DONT TOUCH YOUR COCK !

Within each one of us - There is a big BADASS BEAST who wants to come out and express his masculinity !
but to bring him out , you NEED to REACH a certain level of ‘dire need’ , you need to STEP OUT of your comfort zones and then fall and hit the fuckin ROCK BOTTOM ! and then , to save you from agony and depression , the beast will emerge from the depths of your unconscious and when he emerges - The world makes way for him !
It doesn’t matter If you are a skinny nerd or an overweight couch potato , because when the BEAST will emerge then he will change you , he will change your habits , your way of walking talking sleeping eating - EVERYTHING !! He will not be demoralized by a failure , rather he will analyze the failure and STOP IT from happening ever again !
The women out there are literally begging to go out with a guy like YOU ! but since you are busy fapping so they make do with the phony ‘bad boys’ out there !

In a simple equation :
Relapse= Fapping = Strangling the beast inside = Bad Life .

1000 days nofap = Raising the beast = Life of your dreams !

Make sure that you understand what is written above !
You are a valuable member of the community , your victory is the victory of all of us here , I know the journey is tough but you know that you are tougher !!

Raise the BEAST INSIDE ! ! !


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Just stop thinking about anything and get busy(take oit all of your shoes from their places and clean them all till they shine )

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These all really made me think how weak I really am. I need to stop focussing on the past and start building the future.

                        Thanks all ❤

Here’s a challenge for you from me. Become self motivated beast

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