Need knights⚔️ to guide together a revolutionary change [entries till 13]

Welcome all FIGHTERS


Name : Tushar
Sharing code - nnmo80 *
Current streak - 1 days *
Highest streak - 9 days *
Age - 17
Gender - M
Location - INDIA

Why I want a companion - *

We are in HELL gentlemen

We all are here for to achieve a single goal


which right now you think is next to impossible

but we still have guts to challenge ourselves.


I am searching for 7 people who can guide hundreds to achieve their goal

share your details

        Current streak - ___ days
        Highest streak - ____ days
        Age - ___ years
        Gender -____
        Location -____
        Sharing code-


I will reply to the chosen 7 people

we will create a whatsapp(W) group and a telegram(T) group
with all of us (7) as admin (including me).
We will later share the group link in this group
and we will further guide about more rules and regulations to the group members of telegram(T) and whatsapp(W)




Disclaimer : not more than 10 minute time will be invested of 7 leaders each day

*All accountability will be done of all the whatsapp group members

*Daily 10 min motivation session on telegram group will be done

*Daily half hour time will be given for general discussion on group

*Badges will be given as your streak count increases.

*Small milestones will given which helps to achieve our main goal (QUIT PMO FOREVER)

*More things about experience sharing, urge killing techniques etc… will be told to you as group(W&T) forms

plz share this to as many people as you can ENTRIES will be closed at 13 AUGUST 2020



Bro I would like to join but I can not spent the time that you have asked to invest. It is the only problem for me.

Other than this , I really appreciate the innovative idea for recovery. I am a Tamilian, I don’t understand Hindi. But by emojis I can feel pain for support. I am here bro.

Current streak - 9 days
Target /ULTIMATE Goal to achieve- xx days
Highest streak - 55 days
Age - 17 years
Gender - M
Location - India
Status - Single
Sharing code- 0p71qo

I even don’t have Telegram. WhatsApp is fine for me.

Bro thnx for joining please share this with your friends (close one :p) and wait until enough people have joined.

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