Need help with Workout

Hello brothers and Sister’s I want to start do something good for my Body!
Over the past Months I gain alot weight due medication :pill: for depression and Anxiety. And since I lost my Job my fitness is very bad. I want to change this now! And start very slow every Day.

Can someone guid me a good starting routine for very beginners? Thanks in advance :v:t2:


Bro first u should be motivated

U can hear ur favourite motivation song

U can read books about exercise and it’s benifits

If u know what is benifits after doing benifits u will get motivated for 40% chance


@Dane1989 I began with the home workout app, then switched to some of the sets by Anabolic Aliens (YT channel) with dumbells when I began working out. They are good for beginners. Just be careful not to push yourself too much, and be sure to rest if you get DOMS.


Alright I check this out! Thanks


Since you’re considering yourself a beginner and your chief aim is to lose weight, I’d advice you to begin with simple cardio exercises like walking, jogging, running, skipping, jumping etc… If I’m considering you to be someone who doesn’t do any physical activity, then this is how you should begin-

  1. Warmup- Skipping, jumping jacks
  2. Stretching- lunges, squats
  3. Walking- 10 minutes
  4. Running- 1 minute
  5. Push ups - 5 (Try different variations every other day)
    Repeat 3,4 and 5, atleast 3 times in succession.
  6. Plank- 15 seconds (try different variations)
  7. Cobra/ child’s pose - 15- 30 seconds

Continue to gradually increase the difficulty levels, whenever you feel like it. Take atleast one rest day in a week.

More importantly, sleep properly and eat properly. 80% of your looks will be determined by the kind of diet you consume. Eat healthy. For that, take your weight in kgs , include as many gms of protein in your diet , as much as is your weight in kgs. Then Carbohydrate should not be (in grams) more than 1.5- 1.7 times your bodyweight (in kgs). Thats it.
If you’re someone who wants quick results, then I can suggest you to do body pyramid workouts. In this, warmup and stretching remains the same (don’t forget walking and running as well) but exercises will become different-

  1. 50 Jumping Jacks
  2. 40 Squats
  3. 30 pushups
  4. 20 Butt ups
  5. 10 Burpees
    Do 3 sets of above mentioned 6 exercises in succession.
    P.S. If you can find a pull up bar, go and hang there. Do pull ups if you can. Bicycling, swimming and pull ups are considered the most complete exercises. So, do them if you can.

Focus on your diet, bro. Thats more important. If you need any other help, you can message me. BTW for exercises, you can also download Home workout app, as @Ash_Matt has already suggested.


Perfect brother thanks very much I’ll start with that what you said, guess I will sweating like a pig after it :sweat_smile: but I try :muscle:


You won’t really sweat much bro. :sweat_smile: Running and skipping will be the only workouts where you’d be sweating hard and feeling breatheless, but that’ll be worth it.


Well right now all I do is sitting on computer so my overall fitness is garbage :joy: but I walk a lot in the Park even if not long. I want to start workout to feel better with my body and get away from triggers while on PC , also it reduces my Anxiety a lot.

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Its good that you walk. Invokes a lot of positivity inside you when you are closer to nature. Try brisk walking for 20 minutes whenever you’re in the park. I read somewhere that it consumes about the same amount of energy but increases metabolism rate by upto 60% which can greatly help you in reducing weight.

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Reading or listening about exercises and workout routines is important so that u can choose what suits u because most people drop exercising easily because they do not enjoy it. We see how flawless bodies does dancers or players have. Personally speaking i never liked playing outdoor games, exercising, running and m too shy to dance or even ask about taking dance classee but the day i tried yoga i just wanted to do it whole day I think u should first collect info about them and that way ur mind will also prepare and u will know how to start…
I still don’t do yoga regularly but i did it for 2-3 months regularly and results were visible, outlasting and desirable…my limbs became stronger, extra fat from limbs was gone and my love handles started vanishing, my chest became more firm, jawline enhanced and so many internal benefits…i didnt do yoga not only for the purpose of staying fit but the first reason was i enjoyed it


Ye that’s why I asked here and collecting some ideas from experience brothers of course many workout plans can be found over the internet, but I preferred to here some from the community here :slightly_smiling_face: and I think what @PrDr said is a solid start for me :+1:t2: Thanks everyone :pray:


Dude @Nick9 started a fitness challenge in the forum , u can join that for benefits .


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