Need help to not relapse

I feel like relapsing right now, I need help!

Go for a run. Exhaust your body another way.


Is very late here in Argentina, I can’t go out

Urges are natural… Anything you quit, its a natural process… The most important thing is, remembering why you quit in the first phase and remembering where you wanted to get to. That itself will give you enough motivation to keep going.

Ask yourself why you want to relapse? And think hard on that reason, it will be a silly reason why… Not good enough excuse compared to what you could achieve by not doing pmo.

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Your right.
But, how can you satisfy the pleasure of watching porn in another way, is there a healthy way?

Are you asking for a healthy way for watching porn or for another one thats not porn, but has similar pleasure and is healthy for you?

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Yea, I mean, a healthy way that produces the same or similar pleasure that watching porn

I will be honest… So we have dopamine reward system right. Let’s say the normal dopamine level is like 10 ( just an example). And we get 100% happiness at that level. But when we start being habituated to porn, or any other addiction, the longer we do, that level increases, lets say it became an 80 now, and the happiness we get at 80 is also 100%. Now that 10 level of dopamine, which we get through normal things in life wont make you happy enough. It used to be 100% before, now its 5% or so… Longer it goes on, worse it keeps becoming because our body has a normal level, and we are habituating it to abnormal ones.

Now, what happens when you quit is, the level becomes 0%, and happiness becomes 0%. Nothing good will take you to that 80… You can get to 10 level, but happiness wont be 100% anymore… Now, your brain has to reset… Takes time, so have patience… Slowly it gets better and you will start to enjoy little things in life again… Things get worse before they get better. So have patience and wait it out.

But, with that being said, start workout. It will help. Brain releases endorphins that give you better clarity and a bit more peace… Also may be watch comedies or start spending time on your hobbies and such… Dont expect these to compete with porn immediately, it will be hard. Over time, they will give you more happiness than porn itself.


Thank you very much for the tips, they really served me and made me reflect and understand how this works. I already exercise a lot, 5 times a week and it helps a lot. And I love watching comedies, it’s the only thing I see !!! So I already accomplished that part hahaha. Thanks man, youre awesome! Good luck! I leave you my code mpga62


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