Need Help To Ease My Mind

I’m using this app from the start of this month. My first streak was 3 days. Then i relapsed as i couldn’t control my urges. This time i have a streak of 6days+ . I really don’t want to relapse, I’m trying my hardest to control these urges. I want my streak to go on.

Can you guys give me ideas about how i can keep myself up and have a goal that i should achieve? i keep thinking about relapsing. And I keep telling myself that i would relapse at the 10th day.

Should I break my streak at the 10th day and start a new?

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Keep yourself busy

Cut off those negetive thoughts

Do exercise and drain your energy there.

And more importantly dont think you will relapse, you are free, it is your fear that will make you to relapse.


You dont need to break your streak, it will only push you down.

Go past that 10days limit. And your confidence will increase as a result of breaking that fear.

Also keep short term goals.

After crossing 10days. Your next goal should be 21days and then 30 and so on…


Thanks a lot.

I’ve taken challenge from others in this forum. No fap till the end of this year, and i’m looking forward to it.

Due to this pandemic situation, and since i’m a student. I barely go out and there’s a lot of free times.

I’ll follow your ideas. I’ll try to do Free hand exercise and creative works and also doing online course rather than using social platforms,netflix and others.


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