Need help to control suggestions

How you control you urge wne you just want to fap doing everything to avoid but been I am alone my mind just want to watch or read or anything to which I can fap

Hey buddy
What do you enjoy in your free time? What truely makes you happy?

Don’t try not to fap. Find something you enjoy and it will be way easier

The thing is, if we constantly think about not fapping, we can’t let go of it. As soon as you fully immerge into another activity, you will forget porn


Okay thanks i will try

Good luck! And remember to never give up!

When you reach this phase it means that your logical brain stopped working and you are overtaken with sexual thoughts, so the best thing to do in such situations is to take cold showers get out of the home and take a long walk or talk with one of your friends and check up on them.
The point is that you should do anything to distract your mind from the urges, if there is anything else that can distract you then apply it.
Good luck and keep going

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Thanks i tried stand up comedy and my todays urges went off

I think internet is the real reason for this try to decrease uasage and stop doing social media if possible for few days you will feel the difference


Okay i will try that from today