Need help to beat this

Hello I am 18 years old ,my name is Varun ,I am from India ,I need help .I am feeling like I have lost myself due to this addiction. I was on a 30 days streak and then I saw some instagram models thinking that I won’t do anything wrong and I relapsed since then I have relapsed many time. O don’t know how to get my life back on track plzzzzzz :pleading_face: I need help . Plzzz take me out of this shit those 39 days were the best days of my life .I want to live my whole life like those 30 days. I was happy in those 30 days . Now I am so depressed I don’t know what to do I don’t know where to start . I tried my best but every time I open instagram I saw half baked girls there I get erect I fap and then felt guilty sad and depressed. I am feeling like I can’t achieve anything in my life plzzzz help me .I want to make my parents proud.plzzzz … . I am feeling like I am the worst ,weakest ,wierdest ,and lowest person alive please help anyone who is reading this plzzzz brother / sister plzzzz help me

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if possible stop using IG, if not, unfollow the ladies (you-know-who)
go take a cold shower, mind it, cold shower, no🍌…
now start all over again… i m8 sound rude but remember nudity is stupidity…
now if u ever get any urge go chew a ginger it’s really helpful and also good for your seminal health…
read the book Practice of Brahmacharya by Swami Sivananda

another thing, give yourself a streak of 180 days, and, while you are in the course don’t look at the mirror not even to get dressed up, say no to the mirror for 180 days (ab tumhe kaun sa dulhan dekhne aa rhi hai rofl)



Thanks bro it’s good to see that someone is here to help you. And support you thanks


Dear Varun… Its okay what your have done but it is not okay if you continue again… Learn from your mistakes. If you want to stop PMO further, Fill the void created by No PMO by your futher goals or Updating and learning new skills. Keep yourself busy by channelizing your all energies into new goals that you want to do instead of these.
Plz follow to these step

  1. Download Porn blocker (Guardian angel free app blocker)
    2.Download stay focused to lock your app for specificed duration.
  2. reduce your phone usages
  3. Prepare a plan to do when urges comes. Keep yourself ready much before
  4. Keep your self busy.
    Best of luck brother…

Thanks bro ,can you tell how to get rid of the feeling of loser after jerk off cause what I am feeling now is the same and this led to sadness and eventually those thoughts of giving up come in my mind


The feeling shall eventually fade away as you make real progress in NoFap


@Habuda Friend What you are facing now is called Chaser Effect. It is normal when someone relapse after a long streak. So, Calm yourself few days as it lead you to depress more and more and That depressed you will do PMO again and again.
So, Only way you can step out from this loop is to do more meditation and focus on your well being because the brain has tasted few dopamine again due to your mistake and it dont let yourself to stop it.
NOW Systematically, Keep yourself busy for atleast a week taking this as a short term goal.
Trust me, It is going to difficult part for you now.
In these first week Prepare all possible way so that you are disconnected yourself from porn. Develop a new good habit to replace bad habit by Rewarding and punishing yourself. Mark the Urge time and activities to stop yourself.

My possible way to disconnect porn was when I feel urges after chaser Effect I try to resist myself but if it is Intoreable then I would watch face(Not hot photos) of film Actress(Not porn actress) and then
I search breast surgery animations and make up transformation from ugly to beautiful type videos to remind myself about everything is fake.

I do read spiritual books in this duration.

You cannot stop porn and FAP when your depression is solved by porn and Fap…

Good luck Man


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