Need help on a PMO-dilema

English is not my mother tongue

I am stuck on something:
I want to buy a fake lady part that have realistic “downstairs” (as consumers/reviewers and seller claims), big enough, feel like realistic. But I am afraid that I am going to waste my money on it. Last time I bought a pocket p****, I was so addicted into it that I masturbated thrice a week until I was out of lube and dry F’ -ed it until it became useless. When I look at the model I wish to own, I’m concerned about the consequences of using it. Far worse than masturbating with my left hand, I have to thrust inside of that fake thing as If I am sharing a connection to nothing (makes sense?). Anyway when I researched the different types and prices, I decided to buy one product at a reasonable price because of my tight student budget.

The idea is that this products will also have a " lady backdoor" because a**l sex is very prohibited in my religion and because it’s despicable, i thought of trying it on something unrealistic. The other idea is to use it however I want and use my fantasy, but with a GO-version of the original product I want may not fulfil my lust.

Anyway it’s a dilemma. Either I fight PMO by hardly resisting it or masturbate while I metaphorically practice on it as long as I do not watch porn. The problem with abstaining from PMO is that now I relapse easily for very stupid reason unless I get the motivation back and faith that one day, I will escape from this addiction…

I don’t know what else to do. I have this product in the shopping list online along with a couple of accessories and ready to be bought. Or try my best to avoid that fake lady part.

Brother, this is definitely not a solution to your problem. This masturbation tool will only succeed in strengthening the addiction.

Remember that as a Muslim, PMO is absolutely prohibited for us. The only clean way is through lawful marriage. Both pornography and masturbation are condemned, let alone this object you are looking to buy and the fantasy you are describing. When GOD tells us in the Qur’an to reduce our gaze and guard our modesty, this includes guarding our modesty against ourselves as well. No pornography. No masturbation. We are not even supposed to waste our seed, as those who engage in wasteful behaviour are companions of the devils.

I say this to you with love and affection, my brother; do not buy that object. It will only make matters much worse for you. After a while, it will not satisfy you anymore and you will want to upgrade to something further, perhaps eventually even the actual act with another person.

I feel your pain concerning this brother. I too have had many unclean desires like this and others as a result of years of this addiction. If you want, I will share with you my methods for working through this and breaking free. I am on Day 70 by GOD’s Grace.

May GOD forgive us for having fallen into this addiction and having sinned so many times. May He purify our hearts and cleanse us and help us succeed.


Do yourself a favor and don’t buy that crap. End of story.

Porn often is a “solution” to another underlying problem, not the actual problem itself. You are dealing with a novelty and fear of missing out issue here (“The idea is that this products will also have a " lady backdoor” because a**l sex is very prohibited in my religion and because it’s despicable, i thought of trying it on something unrealistic."). I can tell you exactly what is going to happen: you buy that crap, do that “anal” thing just to feel shitty afterwards. You will then want more. That can escalate to prostitutes or whatever. But all that won’t satisfy you. It won’t fix your problem.

What you need is to identify why you go to porn in the first place. What emotions make you feel drawn to porn? Is it loneliness? Is it a mistaken belief (for example: “I’m not good enough” or “Nobody loves me”)? Try to find what you are trying to fix with porn and masturbation. Then work on healthy habits to address those emotions.

Not one single masturbation tool, porn video or sex experience will ever be able to fill the void you are trying to fill here. Look inside yourself, that’s what you have to focus on.

Take care.


Hi @Wise_Guy_97,

It is a false dilemma. You don’t have to pick either option. There is a third and fourth course of action: use the money to purchase something else besides the sex toy, or give to charity.

For instance, how much does the sex toy cost? Let’s say it costs around $100. Is there something around $100 that you’ve wanted to buy that’s not a sex toy? Or donate that money to charity. You will do something good, and feel good about it.


Spiritual talk… didnt expecting such talks from you.


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