Need help it's urgent

Seems like my testosterone level is at it’s peak
I m not able to sleep from 2 days
Whenever I try to sleep in the mid night my d**k automatically erects without any erotic thought and I m not able to sleep
Pls help me what should I do for this
And even during day i feel like something will automatically come outside from down there
I hope you understand what I mean and pls help me I don’t want to relapse

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Your body will discard fluids automatically, thats how body naturally works, you will not relapse untill u do it yourself. If it happens on its own, it has no effect on your mind, its just natural.
just stay focused on why u started no fap and try to think as less as possible of distractions and if u cant stop thinking then u can try meditation or going on a walk (without music is better for clarity of mind)
Goodluck :v::facepunch::muscle:


Hope I made it on time! First of all you might as well go for a glass of water so you can relax and calm down, something picked my interest about what you said, when you were on PMO, you had some kind of special conditions to do so? Like rubbing your d*ck or something like that? As you know, our sexual instincts (for instance, erection) can activate based not just on sexual stimulus, but also based on the environment, maybe that’s the problem here, something is giving your body the idea that you’re about to masturbate


As RainWater said, the semen retention may fail a bit on your journey because your body is not used to your new lifestyle, but I don’t quite see that semen leaking is the problem here, hope you can answer soon!

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No brothers I don’t have any environmental or surroundings like that which give gestures to my body that I m about to ejaculate

But sure I will try to distract myself from these and focus on my goals
I easily made 106 and 120+ streak in this year
But dont know why this time it’s getter more hard to retain myself
Btw thank you guys for your support
I won’t fall this time at any cost

Best way to deal with insomnia is to read a book in bed when you can’t go to sleep. After reading for some time, you will get sleepy. Stay away from your smartphone as you will get Triggers if you ease your boredom with entertainment from social media and there is a high chance of relapse.
Insomnia creates an opportunity for a relapse as you cannot sleep and are bored and hence you may use a screen for entertainment and hence get Triggers and relapse… SO just read books.
You can also exercise in evening or night to physically exhaust yourself for better sleep and you can exhaust your mind by studying alot at night so you sleep better and early.
Stay vigilant and strong.

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If not urges may be it is heat down there. Probably double your intake of water or maybe more so that you pee around 5 to 6 times a day. May be if the heat flows out of your body your unwanted erection may go away

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